Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Coach Power Rankings: Bye Week Edition

To say that this was not a good week for the coaches on our power rankings would be like saying that this has not been a good season for Spaz.  I was really optimistic about this group last week, but I've completely rearranged things, working in some of the outstanding suggestions from the comments section.  Frankly, this list gets more exciting each week, and at this point I think if we can get just one person from the top ten, we should definitely make the change.

  1. Paul Chryst: A coach who I didn't even think of last week heads up the top of the list.  Chryst seems to be one of those coaches who "didn't get it" for years, bouncing around various teams in the World League (yeah, I needed Wikipedia to look that up also).  Things didn't turn around for Chryst until 1999, when he was hired by the Chargers to be their TE's coach.  He was successful enough coaching Freddie Jones that he was hired on as Oregon State's OC, and eventually landed as Wisconsin's OC.  Wisconsin's offense has been, well, very good this year, in large part thanks to Russel Wilson.  Upon closer review, Wisconsin's ranks in total offense since 2007 have gotten progressively better; 48, 37, 30, 21, and 8.  So while we definitely see a jump with the entrance of Wilson, it's difficult to discount Paul Chryst's contributions here as well.  For an offense that needs a face lift, Chryst would be a dream hire. Change from last week: not ranked
  2. Steve Addazio:  Temple continues to win.  Either Steve Addazio is an amazing coach or Al Golden is downright genius.  Winning 34-0 at home against Buffalo usually doesn't raise a lot of eyebrows, but the body of work here is pretty amazing.  Temple is 5-2 right now with a close loss to Penn State, and they really aren't that far removed from being one of the worst, if not the worst, program in Division I.  Change from last week: +1
  3. Mike Leach:  The general consensus seems to be that Mike Leach won't coach BC, so I'm finally bowing to pressure here.  Here's the thing about Mike Leach though.  Alex says that Leach is too risky for BC (and he has a good point).  Another BC blog says that there's no way Leach coaches at BC because he's going to be a hot hire and will want to go to a more elite program (UCLA, Georgia, ASU, etc.).  Another BC blog says that no one will touch Leach because of the law suit against ESPN and that therefore BC won't hire him either.  So basically no one really knows what's going on so I'm holding out hope.  Change from last week: -2
  4. Butch Jones: Cincinnati won this week against Louisville, which pretty much gets a "whatever" reaction from me.  Again, the body of work, at 5-1, is impressive.  I'm really excited for next week though, when Butch Jones faces off with Skip Holtz.  The loser will definitely be knocked down a few pegs.  If Jones wins that match-up, I think he becomes an official top-tier candidate.  This guy can coach, and its only a matter of time before the rest of the nation catches on.
  5. Pete Carmichael: I was really down on BC's chances of getting Carmichael last week.  Not so much now that the Saints dropped a game to the Bucs (yuck), and since the injury of Sean Payton reminded me that Carmichael doesn't call his own plays.  Not being able (or trusted) to call your own plays is a major minus in my book, and I think that there's a large contingent of general managers and owners who feel that a coach is not complete unless he can call his own offensive plays.  That isn't to say that Carmichael can't call his own plays, he just never has to my knowledge.  That being said, I still think this would be an excellent hire for BC and yet another coach who could give BC instant credibility on offense (see a trend here?).  Change from last week: +1
  6. Skip Holtz:  Lost to UConn.  Very disappointing.  USF looked really impressive earlier in the year, but with two straight losses to Big Least opponents, my faith in Holtz has taken a major blow.  This program is a pedestrian 4-2 right now, and I have to think that the Bulls go 3-3 with their remaining schedule, which includes West Virginia, Miami, and Cincinnati.  Change from last week: -4
  7. Mark Richt: When I did last week's standings, I had completely forgotten that Mark Richt had won this year's Fulmer Cup, a fact that Alex gently reminded me of later in the week.  So while Richt and his family have this squeaky image on TV and have adopted kids from Eastern Europe, etc., this guy doesn't really have control of his house.  You can only have so many bad apples in the system before it's the system that's the problem (that made no sense and I'm letting it stand).  Additionally, Richt is 5-2 this year, which may not be bad enough to get him fired.  His remaining schedule consists of; Florida, New Mexico State, Auburn, Kentucky, and Georgia Tech.  My guess is that the Bulldogs go 8-4 this year with a bowl game opportunity to go 9-4.  Is that a fire-able offense? Change from last week: -3
  8. Kyle Whittingham:  I still can't decide if BC is an upgrade over Utah, and I'm having similar issues with Kevin Sumlin and the University of Houston.  It's amazing what two years can do to a program's confidence, but there it is.  If Whittingham wants this job, it should be his, but I don't see him moving east unless we floor him with an offer.  More to come on how much BC can pay a head coach later in the week...Change from last week: +1
  9. Josh McDaniels:  I could really see how the Josh McDaniels-to-BC talk could heat up quickly.  It's not like the Rams are catching fire right now and that team might have a major overhaul soon if things don't improve.  Remove GDF from the equation and I think this could happen in a heartbeat.  Again, GDF is a major stumbling block here, so that's why McDaniels doesn't check in until number nine.  Change from last week: +1
  10. Major Applewhite: There's no doubt that I'm going heavy on the offense with this list, mainly because BC's offense has struggled immensely since Steve Logan left.  Applewhite is another offensive mind, albeit a very young one at just 33 years old.  The biggest problem with Applewhite is that he's a born and bred Texas hero, and getting him from UT will be difficult.  In fact, Applewhite voluntarily left his OC position at Alabama to become the RB coach at UT, a major downgrade to relocate back to the Austin area (not to say that there wasn't a Fire Applewhite movement at Alabama).  If things stay as they are now, Applewhite would be a logical choice to succeed Mack Brown.  The problem for Applewhite is that Brown shows no signs of slowing down and might be at UT for another ten years.  Without question, Applewhite is well versed in the spread offense, and has installed it at both Rice and Alabama.  This would be a home run hire by GDF, but convincing Applewhite to come north might be next to impossible.  Change from last week: not ranked
Dropped from Rankings:

  • Ken Niumatalolo: Navy is off to a 2-4 start, which isn't going to convince anyone to hire Niumatalolo away from Navy. 
  • Mark Stoops: FSU only gave up 16 to Duke, but the competition to get on this list is definitely getting tougher.  I can't justify including Stoops at this point given FSU's play this year. 
On the Cusp: Dan Mullen, Kevin Sumlin, Jim McElwain, Carl Pelini, Bryan Harsin


    1. We don't want Steve Addazio, he barely could manage the Florida offense even with superstar recruits, I don't want to see him here. He would be a disaster. Where is Mario Cristobal?

    2. I understand the concerns about Addazio but if you're going to write off guys like Mike Leach because they're too good for BC then what are we realistically left with? Addazio is winning at Temple, which is going to raise a lot of eyebrows and more than a few programs are going to be interested in him at the end of the year.

      Cristobal is an option but he might be even riskier than Addazio. Football Outsiders has Addazio's offense ranked higher than Florida International's. Also, BC has had the 73rd toughest strength of schedule, Temple has had the 76th toughest, and Cristobal has had the 109th toughest. I guess I don't see the argument that Cristobal is that much better of a coach than Addazio...


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