Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Coach Power Rankings

I'm basically taking it as a foregone conclusion that Spaz will be fired at the end of the season.  There is the slight chance that the athletic department is a little slow on the uptake on this front, so I'm going to go ahead and start the coaching search for them.  This way, when the ax does finally fall, I will have a handy document to slip Father Leahy when I see him walking from his office to St. Mary's.

And so, our first new head coach power rankings...

  1. Mike Leach:  This is the one hire that would immediately impact BC football.  The program would immediately have new excitement, better recruits, and frankly, better media coverage.  Now I understand the whole argument against hiring Leach because of the ESPN lawsuit.  First, I'm not worried about BC losing coverage on ESPN affiliated networks and websites because it's not like we get much coverage as of now.  When BC football was good, we were perennially under-ranked and under-covered.  It's hard to miss something you never had.  Second, ESPN's loyalty to Craig James will not stop it from signing a lucrative deal with the ACC.  I mean, seriously.  Craig James??? 
  2. Skip Holtz: To me, Skip Holtz is the closest guy out there to a "sure thing."  Obviously, if he was a straight-up "sure thing" head coach, he would be hired by one of the big boys, but he's not there yet, meaning that there is still an opening for BC to grab him.  To me, Holtz is an excellent head coach but a poor coordinator.  Although he was an utter failure as South Carolina's offensive coordinator during Lou Holtz's last go-around as HC, Skip landed on his feet with the top job at East Carolina.  In the 25 games previous to Skip going to East Carolina, the Pirates were 3-22.  Then Skip runs off seasons of 5-6, 7-6, 8-5, 9-5, and 9-5.  See a trend?  Then he gets hired by South Florida, which had two consecutive seasons at 8-5, and he keeps the program stable at 8-5.  This year, he has the Bulls off to a 4-1 start, with wins against Notre Dame, Ball State, Florida A & M, and UTEP.  Of course, his program got demolished by Pitt on Saturday, losing 44-17, which may have been a bit of a reality check for a team that's thus far over-achieved in one game and beat up on a soft schedule.  This hire would be a no brainer if it wasn't for that Pitt loss.  If he cracks 9 wins this year, I think BC would be crazy not to ink him.
  3. Steve Addazio:  Anytime BC has the opportunity to sign a former University of Florida head coach, it should take it, even if Addazio was only an interim coach for the two day Urban Myer hiatus.  However, the caution here is that many of my FU friends liken Addazio's coaching ability to GT.  I know that's hard to believe, but there is a solid portion of the FU fan base that thinks Addazio was a terrible coach, and it's worth noting that Addazio was not retained when Muschamp took over.  At the same time, Addazio has had mixed success in his first year at Temple, scoring an impressing win against Maryland (38-7 at Maryland), losing a close game to Penn State (14-10 at home), and losing a real dog of a game to Toledo (36-13 at Toledo).  He seems like a sexy hire because of his coaching pedigree, but there are several red flags here. 
  4. Pete Carmichael:   It's not likely that BC will go for a pro hire because of the Jags fallout, but Carmichael would be an interesting hire.  Even if he isn't responsible for the Saints offense, he's in an excellent position to learn the offense to the point that he can replicate it at BC.  Even though he's been coaching since 1994, Carmichael's career didn't really take off until 2006, when he was named the passing game coordinator for the Saints.  With hindsight, that was a huge promotion over his previous gig as Assistant Wide Receivers Coach on the Chargers.  He only turns 40 tomorrow, so he would be a pretty young ACC coach.  It would be an interesting hire and I'm wondering if GDF can make this fit. 
  5. Mark Stoops:  Anytime you can hire someone with the last name "Stoops" it brings your program instant credibility.  In his last five years at Arizona, Stoops' defenses were ranked  45, 19, 47, 49, and 43 by Football Outsiders, which doesn't really impress me all that much..  Then Stoops was hired by FSU, and his coaching career seems to have taken a turn for the better since then.  The year before Stoops arrived at FSU, the defense was ranked 79.  Since then, Stoops' defenses have been ranked 32 and 18 (2011 is only 5 games in) by Football Outsiders, which is rather impressive.  Still, he's never been the top guy before, and his talent pool at FSU has gotten decidedly better with each year.  I'm also not sure why BC would take a college coordinator when it seems like they could nab either a college head coach or a pro coordinator.
On the Cusp: Josh McDaniels, Butch Jones, Ken Niumatalolo, Mark Richt, Kyle Whittingham

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