Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Head Coach Power Rankings!

Here are the new head coach power rankings.  This list just keeps getting better each week.  The top ten is slowly becoming more stable, and we only have two new additions to the group of ten this week.  Overall, I'd say that I would be comfortable with anyone in our top seven, which given the lack of openings in major BCS conferences, means we will probably get someone good.

  1. Paul Chryst: Wisconsin's national title hopes likely went out the window with a tough loss to Michigan State.  While it would be tempting to knock Chryst down a few notches because of the loss, I think this actually increases the likelihood that Chryst comes to Chestnut Hill.  The UCLA's and the Mississippi States of the world will want a hot name, aka a coordinator off a national title contender. That would put BC in the driver's seat to grab Chryst. Also, it's not as though you can blame the loss on Chryst.  His offense put up 31 against a respectable Michigan State team and the defense lost it on a Hail Mary.  I mean, seriously?  Change from last week: none
  2. Brady Harsin: Last week Major Applewhite debuted in our top 10.  The post wasn't even up for ten minutes before I realized that I had made a horrible mistake.  I picked the wrong co-offensive coordinator of Texas for BC to target.  Here's what I like about Harsin.  First, he's a proven winner.  He was OC at Boise State, and all that program does is win.  Second, he has big time college experience.  A lot of people will knock his work at Boise State because of the WAC.  No more, because not Harsin is working in the Big 12.  Third, Harsin is at a dead-end job at UT.  Mack Brown isn't retiring anytime soon, and when he does Major Applewhite will be his successor, guaranteed.  Everyone knows it.  Applewhite is a homegrown Texas hero.  That means a lot more in Texas than it does in the northeast.  There would be a flat out revolt (Occupy Austin Edition) if the athletic department chose Harsin over Applewhite.  Let's offer Harsin the keys to our program now before someone else does.  Change from last week: not ranked
  3. Mike Leach:  Why don't we invite Mike Leach to campus for a book signing?  Let him see our facilities, meet some players, get mobbed with Super Fans...The latest on twitter (admittedly not a reliable source) is that Mike Leach is off to Florida Atlantic.  Really?  You're saying that if we go and knock on Mike Leach's door and offer him an ACC program, he won't take that over Florida Atlantic???  We can make this happen GDF!!! Change from last week: none
  4. Butch Jones: Butch Jones won the Future BC Head Coach Bowl by escaping USF 37-34.  This puts Cincinnati at 6-1 this year.  The tough part of Cincinnati's schedule is coming up though, with games against Pitt, West Virginia, Rutgers, Syracuse, and UConn on the horizon.  Circle the Cincinnati v. Syracuse game as another Future BC Head Coach Bowl when Jones squares off with Doug Marrone.  If Cincinnati can continue their hot streak and go 4-1 over their next five, I don't think their should be a question that the BC job should be Jones' if he wants it.  Change from last week: none
  5. Pete Carmichael: At 5-2, the Saints are a good bet to make the playoffs, but I don't think they make the Superbowl again, meaning that interest in Carmichael will be kept to a reasonable level.  Football Outsiders places the Saints at number four when it comes to total offense.  Pretty impressive considering the fact that their starting center decided to retire last week.  It's worth noting that Carmichael has been pretty consistent over his three years with the Saints as well, coming in as the number two overall offense in 2009 and number 11 in 2010.  Change from last week: none
  6. Doug Marrone: Why go for Carmichael when you can have the original mastermind behind the Saint's offense?  After helping Sean Payton build a monster of an offensive force in New Orleans, Marrone was hired by Syracuse to help turn around one of the worst football programs in Division I.  In the three years leading up to the Marrone hire, the Orange went 1-10, 4-8, and 2-10, respectfully.  In his two-plus years at Syracuse, Marrone has turned the Orange around, going 4-8, 8-5, and 5-2 so far in 2011.  I understand that there will be a lot of people out there who say that they don't want a coach who's best college accomplishment is an 8-5 season.  What if Marrone goes 3-2 the rest of the way, bringing his record to 8-4, and then wins his bowl game, putting the Orange at 9-4.  Sign me up for that, even if it is with the Big East.  The question is whether Marrone would leave his alma mater, and successful rebuilding project, for BC right now, especially considering the fact that 'Cuse will join the ACC in the next few years.  Marrone certainly wouldn't be my first choice, but he would make sense if he can put Syracuse at 9-4.  Change from last week: not ranked
  7. Steve Addazio:  Temple lost to Bowling Green this week, in what sounded like an incredibly ugly game.  It's hard for me to figure Temple out at this point.  How do lose to Penn State by four and Bowling Green by three?  Even if his team's play has been uneven, Addazio is still only a few years removed from being the national recruiter of the year, even if Urban Meyer's success pretty much did the job for him.  He's still a good hire, but only a loss or two away from getting kicked off the top ten.  Change from last week:  -5
  8. Skip Holtz:  After starting the year with four wins, Holtz has led his team to three straight losses.  Frankly, the only reason he's still in the top 10 is because I can't think of a more worthy replacement.  Jim McElwain comes to mind, but I have to think that McElwain has his sights set higher than BC at this point.  Honestly, I hope he gets hired by UCLA or Arizona because that will be one less school for BC to compete for coaches with.  Change from last week:  -2
  9. Kyle Whittingham:  Same problem as last week.  Is BC a better job than Utah?  Is BC a better job than Syracuse?  I just don't know right now... Change from last week:  -1
  10. Josh McDaniels:  Again, if GDF leaves I can see this happening in a second.  It would instantly boost ticket sales.  Change from last week:  -1


  1. Coaches 1 and 2 fit would fit very well offensively....

  2. I think that Kevin Sumlin has to be in the conversation. BC fans have been dying for some offense. Hell, I'd feel better about a 1-6 record if we at least put points on the board.

    Also, BC could be a draw simply because it is an a auto bid conference. We should be using that draw, and the draw of an even better ACC to pull in a coach like Sumlin before Houston, with and attractive record, becomes a target of a BIG12 in need of winning program.

    Points Per Game 52.2
    Avg Rush Yrd/Game 159.1
    Avg Pass Yrd/Game 453.2
    Record 8-0
    Avg Attendance/Game 31,499
    Heisman Candidates 1


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