Monday, October 24, 2011

Post-Weekend Thoughts

A few thoughts as we head into a new week...

  • ESPN is beginning to question the Spaz-ball era with a tongue-in-cheek diss of the constant "there were positives in today's loss" narrative. 
  • A lot of people are wondering why ESPN is so late to the party in wondering why Spaz just isn't working out at BC.  ESPN has a strong interest in regurgitating whatever the BC athletic department feeds them.  Remember that ESPN produces a product, news, and is looking to turn a profit just like any other company.  There isn't a strong market for BC news, and really there aren't any serious competitors for that market outside of the weekly human-interest stories that the Globe and Herald like to publish.  At the same time, ESPN really can't justify not covering BC in ESPN Boston, and so we see these rewritten BC press releases all the time.  The fact that Jacki McCluskey is beginning to call BC on its "ritual" narratives is troubling for the athletic department, but doesn't really hide the fact that ESPN has been complicit in re-reporting what has been handed to them.  
  • The offense continues to show no progress, even with Brock at the helm.  At this point, I can't say that there is a single coach on staff this year who deserves to be kept for the 2012 campaign.  Other than the LBs, there is not one unit on this football team that I would even call "average." 
  • I'll be really interested to see what the home attendance is for the FSU Thursday night game.  This is a game that I literally circled on my calendar in August, and now it seems nearly meaningless.  Are students and alumns going to show up for this, or will the university be embarrassed on national TV?  I hope everyone still shows up to watch the team play because recruits and future coaches will probably be watching this game and noting what the fan base is like.  
  • Is it bad that the post I most look forward to each week is the New Coach Power Rankings?
  • As this season continues, I really think that Spaz will resign at the end of the year.  Some sort of buyout clause will be negotiated, and Spaz will ride off into the sun-set as the BC athletic department "reluctantly" let's him go.  This would seem to be the best possible solution for both sides.
  • BC hockey is racking up the wins early, which is really impressive considering how little this team has played together.  These guys are really young and they're going to be a ton of fun to watch this year.  All Hail Jerry York!
  • Women's hockey is ranked number five in the country.  Is there any chance that this is the year that BC sweeps the National Championships in hockey?  I usually don't make these kinds of predictions, but I think that the women's team is going all the way this year.  It's not just the fact that they're winning, but also the fact that they're coming from behind, overcoming slow starts, and not losing composure on the ice when things go badly.  These ladies seem to be as tough as nails and I can't wait to catch a home game.
  • Why is it that the volleyball team plays at the "Power Gym?"  Is that really the best name we could think of?  Couldn't even resort to the "Flutie Gym" or the "Matty Ice Gym?"
  • Three more days until Ice Jam!  It can't come soon enough because honestly there isn't that much to write about these days.


  1. A lot of people are impressed with Deuce Finch. Just saying.

  2. Power Gym, which was/is intended for a practice facility for hoops is named for Coach Frank Power.

    Mr. Power was an institution at BC as the Frosh mens' basketball coach for many years. He also served as an Assistant Coach for the Varsity for Bob Cousy and others.

    Frank Powers was a "gym rat" and "players' coach" way before those terms were coined.

    In these days of freshman eligible for varsity play, its difficult for newbies to understand the importance of the player development aspects of freshman basketball.


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