Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Updated New Coach Power Rankings

New week, new power rankings.  Last week we only did our power rankings out through five coaches, mainly because it was very cumbersome to do that much research.  As each coach makes his first appearance in the power rankings, I am trying to put together a spark-noted profile.  This week, we expand our power rankings out to the top ten.  Have new suggestions?  Have a pet cat out there that screams BC football?  Leave your suggestions in the comments...

  1. Mike Leach:  Until someone proves otherwise, Leach is my top choice to lead BC.  Yes, he's quirky, but he's the type of quirky that will get a lethargic fan base into the stadium, on time for kickoff (paying attention Gene?).  He's the one man out there that would make BC football immediately relevant again.  You'd have media members tripping over themselves to cover that team.  Change from last week: none
  2. Skip Holtz:  Skip and the USF Bulls had a bye week conveniently placed the week before they head up to Hartford to play Big East (powerhouse?) UConn.  With UConn, Cincinnati, Rutgers, and Syracuse coming up over the next four weeks, the Bulls have a real chance to get hot and Skip has the opportunity to knock Mike Leach off the top spot.  Could the Cincinnati/USF game be the BC Future Coaches Bowl? Change from last week: none
  3. Steve Addazio: Despite backlash from readers and Florida law students, I'm leaving him up here.  Temple beat Ball State 42-0 this Saturday, and with a real cupcake schedule the rest of the way, I have to wonder if Addazio takes this team to an 11-2 regular season.  If that very theoretical event happens, would people be comfortable with Addazio?  I know there are real concerns about his play calling, but for crying out loud the guy won TWO national championships while heading up Florida's offensive line.  How bad could he possibly be???  Change from last week: none
  4. Mark Richt:  Richt is on thin ice at Georgia, and that's good news for BC because the SEC's trash could become our treasure.  Mark Richt is an excellent coach, but I don't think he has the larger than life personality needed for long-term success in the SEC (Les Miles, Urban Meyer, etc).  At Georgia, Richt has had seasons of 8-4, 13-1, 11-3, 10-2, 10-3, 9-4, 11-2, 10-3, 8-5, 6-7, 4-2.  Just look at how long he was successful at Georgia.  Clearly he wasn't just coaching up someone else's recruits.  He built and maintained that program for a long time.  He didn't just forget how to coach, his program just got stale.  If he can stomach the northeast, BC could be the fresh start he needs, with lowered expectations, no media spotlight, a family-orientated religious atmosphere, and a team he doesn't need to worry about off the field.  The more I think about this, the more sense this makes for both sides.  The only reason Richt isn't higher on this list is because he needs to get fired first.  Change from last week: not ranked
  5. Butch Jones:  I became enamored with this coach when I watched Cincinnati knock the lights out of Tom O'Brien and NC State, but I was cautious because it was only one game, because NC State is terrible, and because Cincinnati was equally terrible under the same coaching staff last year.  At 4-1, Cincinnati's lone loss of the year is Tennessee, which I can definitely live with.  Jones also can't be considered a one-hit wonder, as he's previously had success at Central Michigan.  I wonder if Brian Kelley cashed out of Cincinnati at the right time, and if that would explain the transition year we saw last fall.  Also, Jones isn't shy about promoting his program and even (gasp!) has his own radio show.  I want to see Cincinnati manage the rest of their schedule and win the Big East before I say that I would be comfortable with Jones as HC, though.  Change from last week: not ranked
  6. Pete Carmichael:  The Saints are swimming through their regular season schedule, again, and if this continues, Carmichael will soon be able to be an NFL head coach, and not have to worry about the NCAA.  If he wants to coach here, he should definitely be at the top of our list, but I just can't see this happening anymore.  Change from last week: -2
  7. Ken Niumatalolo:  He's known as "the other guy" from Navy football.  He didn't exactly build the program (that honor belongs to GA Tech's Paul Johnson, who isn't working out too badly) and his 2-3 record won't excite most people, but Navy's losses are actually not that bad; lost by 3 to SEC opponent South Carolina, lost by nearly 30 to a bad Southern Miss. team, and lost in overtime to a respectable Air Force team.  Not bad for a service academy, not to mention that this is probably the worst team Niumatalolo has had yet, racking up seasons of 8-5, 10-4, and 9-4 in the past three years.  He would be a disciplinarian, which fits with BC's style.  I think a lot of fans would be turned off by his style of offense, but again, it's not working out that badly for Georgia Tech.  The only reason he isn't higher on this list is because he doesn't have the sexy name BC might be looking for.  Change from last week: not ranked
  8. Mark Stoops: As FSU falls, so does Stoops.  This team is not the force we thought it would be, pretty much across the board.  We need to see more from Stoops before he cracks the top 5 again, but my guess is that he's only going down from here.  Change from last week: -3
  9. Kyle Whittingham: This is a name you probably won't hear anywhere else, but you'd have to consider Whittingham as a dark horse candidate for the BC job.  Since taking the HC job at Utah, Whittingham is 7-5, 8-5, 9-4, 13-0, 10-3, 10-3.  This move would definitely make sense for BC, and might make sense for Whittingham.  Cons?  He has no connection to the northeast, and he has a great thing going at Utah.  He's going to be on the short list of programs like Michigan, ND, and Florida the next time those programs have openings.  Pros?  You can run the table at Utah and not win a national championship.  You likely can't do that at BC (although Clemson might prove me wrong this year).  If Whittingham wants a chance at a national title, he needs to move up with the big boys sooner or later.  Would that be enough to entice Whittingham to Chestnut Hill?  I'm not sure, but we should try.  Change from last week: not ranked
  10. Josh McDaniels:  If you throw out your initial reaction of complete laughter at this suggestion, this move actually makes a lot of sense.  McDaniels needs the opportunity to show that he can control a team without a complete melt-down.  Things aren't exactly rosy in St. Louis so he's probably going to be looking for a new job soon.  As Mike C. reminded me the other day, Kraft is on our board of directors and might be able to convince McDaniels to return to New England.  McDaniels is a recognized New England hero, and would immediately drum up local support and ticket sales.  He would likely be a beast on the recruiting trail (nothing sells recruits like Bill Belichick style cut-off sweaters), and there's no way our offense wouldn't get better under him, a lot better.  I think this would be a great move for both sides, but there's no way GDF lets this happen, and therefore McDaniels hits the bottom of the list.  Never happening, nothing to see here.  Change from last week: not ranked
On the Cusp: Major Applewhite, Dan Mullen, Paul Chryst


  1. a few more to think about:

    Phil Fulmer - Won a Title and has something to Prove

    Kevin Sumlin - Offense.

    June Jones - specializes in turning programs around and produced a Heisman candidate QB

    Jim McElwain - Nick Saban OC.

  2. I can't see us bringing on Fulmer and I'm not sure that we have the resources to pay June Jones to leave SMU, but Sumlin and McElwain are interesting options though. I'll have to do some more research on them but they might crack the top 10 next week.

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  4. Also, how much money would it take to bring in Gus Malzahn?

  5. Still can't see us hiring Skip Holtz. The man went to Notre Dame, and he grew obviously grew up idolizing ND. So either he comes to BC and leaves for ND at the first available opportunity, or he purposefully destroys BC football for the next decade in retribution for THE KICK

  6. Alex and I were discussing Malzahn yesterday. My best guess is that he would command a salary in the 2-3 million dollar range, which would put him out of our league. I don't think we'll want to pay the next guy more than 1.5. We'll have a post on the athletic department and coach funding sometime soon.

  7. Nate...

    Skip Holtz didn't go to Notre Dame. He played for Holy Cross College, a small college across the street while his dad coached ND.

    I'm down with Richt or Addazio. Program needs a complete facelift.


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