Monday, November 21, 2011

ACC to Dominate Men's Basketball?

It's still early in the year, but the latest USA Today poll throws some water on the idea that the ACC will dominate men's basketball once Pitt and 'Cuse make the jump.  Best basketball conference in the country?  Yes.  Dominating the competition?  Perhaps not.  Here's the latest Top 25 listed by conference affiliation (Pitt and Syracuse are grouped in with the ACC, Missouri and TAMU with the SEC).

  1. ACC
  2. SEC
  3. Big 10
  4. Big East
  5. ACC
  6. ACC
  7. Big East
  8. USA
  9. SEC
  10. Big 12
  11. Big 10
  12. A-10
  13. SEC
  14. Big 12
  15. Big 10
  16. ACC
  17. Big East
  18. Pac-12
  19. West Coast
  20. ACC
  21. SEC
  22. SEC
  23. Pac-12
  24. SEC
  25. Missouri Valley
So if I'm breaking down conference affiliation in the Top 25, I come up with:
  1. SEC (6)
  2. ACC (5) 
  3. Big East (3) 
  4. Big 10 (3)
  5. Big 12 (2)
  6. Pac-12 (2) 
  7. USA (1)
  8. West Coast (1)
  9. Missouri Valley (1)
Of course, the ACC places three teams in the top six, while the SEC places just one, but it seems at this point that the SEC is the deeper conference.  Both conferences have one school each in the "others receiving votes category," but the SEC school, Mississippi State, receives 58 votes to UVA's two.  Of course, like I said earlier, it's very early in the year, and these rankings are just a rough sketch of what the college basketball landscape really looks like right now; but the idea that the ACC will run away with college basketball a la SEC football seems to be nothing more than a pipe dream at this point.  What do you think?  Can the SEC seriously challenge the ACC in basketball?  Check out the poll to the right of the screen.

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  1. It's also worth noting that Steve Donahue is one of the 31 coaches who vote in this poll...


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