Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BC Basketball Preview Part II: Transfers

If you missed it, go check out Part 1 of this series dealing with the two players returning to the Eagles from last year. In this part, I'll be looking at what BC fans can expect from the two transfers coming to the Heights for 2011-12.

Matt Humphrey, Guard: Matt Humphrey transferred this summer to BC from Oregon, where he saw little playing time coming off the bench his freshman and sophomore seasons. As you might expect for a Donahue recruit, Humphrey's best skill seems to be his 3-point shot, as he averaged about 33% from beyond the arc each season. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of the only things he actually excelled at in his first two years. From everything I've read, he's very inconsistent and content to stand at the three-point line and wait for open shots. In this respect, he actually sounds a lot like a taller, more athletic version of Danny Rubin—for better or for worse. Humphrey has a chance to be one of the better players on this team, but he also has a chance to be a Josh Southern-like frustration where the effort doesn't match the natural talent. Here's hoping for the former.

Deirunas Visockas, Guard: Visockas is two grades ahead of Humphrey—he graduated Lafayette College last year but has one year of eligibility left—but has actually seen less playing time, thanks to injuries that kept the Lithuanian out all of the past two seasons and much of his first two seasons as well. Apparently he still has lingering issues in his feet, which likely means his role this season (if any) will be quite limited. Still, he might at least be able to hit a few jumpers off the bench, and he should bring some upperclassman leadership to a team desperately in need of it. Besides moral support, though, I really wouldn't expect too much out of Visockas unless he possesses talent we just haven't seen yet.

To sum up my previews so far, we have two inconsistent three-point shooting guards who can't do much else, a sophomore point guard who struggles with decision-making, and an oft-injured, somewhat limited grad student. Fortunately, all four of those guys figure to be mostly peripheral players this season: the core of this team will be the eight(!) freshmen that I'll preview next week.

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  1. Humphrey was at BC and on the team last year. Just had to sit out, so was dressed in street clothes, but this is his 2nd year practicing with The Don!


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