Sunday, November 20, 2011

BC Drops Another to ND

First, let me say that I'm really proud of how our guys fought through the ND game on Saturday.  They brought some good energy to a hostile environment, and really stood tough for Boston College.  I think most BC fans were really nervous about a potential blowout, and we can definitely credit the student athletes for turning in a good performance on national TV.  The defense has definitely improved over the course of the year, which is important given that a tough D has been the identity of the program since Matt Ryan left.

Second, I know a lot of people out there think Spaz basically earned his way back for another year last night.  Is the goal around here to win games or to not get blown out by Notre Dame?  Honest question, because if the goal here is to put up a decent fight, hope that a bunch of breaks go our way, and when they don't pack it up and go home happy that we just lost by a few, then yeah, we're probably good with the coach we have.  I just refuse to believe that's all that BC football has in its future.  We deserve better than that, flat out.

Lastly, it will be really interesting to see how the search for a new OC plays out.  Which coach in their right mind will want to step into this mess if Spaz comes back?  Literally zero job security, because at worst, Spaz is out next year, and on top of that, the whole Rogers situations throws up all kinds of red flags.  Will the fact that it will nearly be impossible to hire a half-decent OC mean that GDF's hand will be basically forced?  Could the Kevin Rogers fiasco save BC football?

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  1. Better if GD takes his hands off and moves into retirement before he has another opportunity to prove he should not be the AD at Boston College.

    Hoping it is the vain and blind squirrel's turn to get it right is the way to go.


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