Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BC Steals Recruit from BYU

LB recruit Bobby Wolford has switched commitments, going from BYU to BC.  Wolford is a Florida product, which is exciting for BC, because we don't usually challenge for recruits south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  In addition to an offer from BYU, Wolford also held offers from Princeton, Harvard, and Navy.  That doesn't sound too impressive, but consider that Wolford also had interest from Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, and Boise State.  The little I can find about Wolford on the internet says that he plays well against both the run and the pass, and that he uses both strength and speed (literally as unspecific as you can get in a scouting report).

I have no problem with BC adding quality LBs, mainly because our defense relies on good LB play.  With Wolford, we have four incoming LBs this year.  My problem right now is that we are supposed to have a very small class for 2012 and yet have only one DE recruit so far.  The D-line is young this year, but there is no guarantee that this group will pan out.  Hopefully Spaz can find one or two more guys to commit to the D-line, especially since our state of flux on offense will make it nearly impossible to get quality recruits on that side of the ball.  We look well stocked for the next few years at LB though, another mark of BC becoming LB-U.

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  1. A couple thoughts:
    1) With as many DL as they had in the past class, they probably want some space before taking a lot of DL again.
    2) Strizak, currently listed as a LB, could very well stay at DE with the new LB recruit (he plays DE in high school but has been projected to OLB). Keeping him at DE would maintain a higher level of athleticism on the field.
    3) There should be 2-3 more spots in the class and I would imagine that there will be at least 1 more DL coming anyway.


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