Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Head Coach Power Rankings

I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that Spaz will be back for a fourth season.  There are just too many factors pointing to BC keeping him on right now; the contract extension, the loyalty from the athletic department, the strong home schedule next year, etc.  Anyway, we'll cross that bridge when we get there, because in the mean time, we have some head coach power rankings, which I promise will make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

  1. Paul Chryst:  People were a little down on Chryst after Wisconsin dropped two straight games, effectively ending its national title hunt.  However, Wisconsin has come back strong, posting 62 and 42 points against Purdue and Minnesota.  Football Outsiders places the Wisconsin offense as the best in the nation, which many people will chalk up to Russel Wilson but don't forget that the Badgers sport the nation's 7th best rushing attack as well.  Chryst is so far ahead of everyone else on this list right now it's not even funny.  Pay him whatever he wants and bring him to the heights.  Change from last week: none
  2. Brady Harsin:  The Longhorns only put up five points last week, and the young QBs are not coming along as quickly as expected against stiff competition.  Longhorn fans have been surprisingly patient up until this point, possibly because the offense has been getting better as the year's gone along (the 5-point outing against Missouri seems to be more of a blip than a trend at this point).  The problem is that any type of offensive struggles are going to be blamed on UT's unorthodox co-offensive coordinator system.  This is going to create a messy situation for Harsin sooner or later (because he will never win out against Texas' favorite son, Applewhite), and so he's probably looking for a landing spot during the off season.  Change from last week: none
  3. Butch Jones:  It seems weird that I'm moving a coach up the list on a week he lost, but Jones' Bearcats played well against a good West Virginia team, losing by just a field goal.  One reason Jones might give BC pause, however, is that his team has won a lot of close games this year that easily could have gone the other way.  I don't really care how the wins come, though, as long as they come.  The Cincinnati offense is ranked 31 in the country right now, which is third in the Big East behind West Virginia and USF.  Change from last week: +1.
  4. Mike Sherman:  This move makes so much sense that I can't believe I didn't think of it earlier.  Of course, this will be contingent on Sherman getting fired from TAMU, which doesn't seem too outlandish considering the fact that his team has gone from national title contender to 5-5 and possibly bowl eligible.  Sherman is a great coach, and has been plagued by 2nd-half meltdowns all year.  He cut his teeth as an offensive line coach, and BC could use help in that department right now.  Despite having a down year, his offense is still 22nd in the country,  AND, for the kicker, he's from south Boston.  Plus, he's only 56, which means he might have a decade left in the tank.  Change from last week: not ranked
  5. Mike Leach:  In a weird way, I think Donahue's success works against Leach.  I think it reinforces the athletic department's notion that it takes a certain type of coach to succeed at BC, and that Leach is not that coach.  Would be a lot of fun to watch though...Change from last week: -2.
  6. Dan Mullen: Speaking of soon-to-be-fired southern coaches, presenting Dan Mullen.  Dan Mullen was considered one of the nation's best offensive minds before things started to head south at Mississippi State (see what I did there?).  In fairness to Mullen, Mississippi State is a tough job, because you have SEC competition, and yet you have to recruit against the likes of Florida, Arkansas, LSU, and Alabama.  Mullen is from Manchester, NH, and might welcome the move up north if he does get fired.  Oh, and by the way, Mullen is known for energizing apathetic fan bases and selling out stadiums.  Seems like another perfect fit for BC.  The only reason Mullen isn't higher on this list is because I can't imagine that Mississippi State would be dumb enough to fire him, no matter what their fan base says.  Change from last week: not ranked
  7. Kevin Sumlin:  Like I said last week, Sumlin is the hottest name in coaching right now, which probably means that BC can't afford him.  If something weird happens and BC has a shot at him, though, they should jump all over it.  Change from last week: +2
  8. Eric Mangini: We can hope can't we?  Honestly though, if Mangini does want to get back into coaching, BC is the best position he's going to get.  He has experience on both sides of the football, which is something you look for in a "complete" head coach.  Mangini's undoubtedly a good coach, I just don't see how this is a good fit for him personality wise.  He is from Connecticut, though, so maybe something works out from that angle.  Change from last week: -1.
  9. Pete Carmichael: Carmichael is little more than a fallback option at this point.  The Saints have a good name for offense, and anytime you get the offensive coordinator from the Saints, a lot of lethargic fans are going to assume it's a home run hire.  If I was Carmichael, I would be looking for another landing spot right now.  New Orleans is getting a little older and looks more flawed with every week.  Time for a change?  Change from last week: -3.
  10. Tim Beckman:  A bit of a wild card, I know, and a lot of BC fans would be upset if we made this hire, but let me give you the rundown on Beckman anyway.  He's a former Oklahoma State defensive coordinator who, in three years at Toledo, has gone 5-7, 8-4, and 6-4.  6-4 doesn't sound very good but Toledo has the 17th best offense in the country right now and the four losses have come against Ohio State, Boise State, Syracuse (in overtime), and Northern Illinois (by 3).  Three of those I can live with considering the fact that it's Toledo.  Change from last week: not ranked
So this is what makes me upset about the idea that BC might keep Spaz for another year.  There's no doubt that nine of the ten guys on this list are better coaches than Spaz, and you could probably quibble about Beckman.  You're telling me that we couldn't land any of the nine?  I just flat out don't believe it.  We have a good opportunity to upgrade at head coach, and we might not do it.


  1. I hope Spaz won't be back next year. We need a new regime to lead the Eagles back to prominence.

  2. Unfortunately, I think if spaz wins the last game of the season he'll be back. i think he is back already. the athletic department will spin this as a down year, injuries, youth, whatever. these obstacles are why you hire a good coach to begin with.

  3. Bill O'Brien , New England Patriots offensive coordinator would be a viable candidate as HC ...


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