Friday, November 25, 2011

Spaz to Return: Named Best Coach in History

Well, not exactly, but GDF did say that Spaz is the best coach BC has had since he was hired as Athletic Director.  First, as to Spaz returning...  I understand that we ended the year on a stronger note and that our guys clearly improved as the season went along.  There is no debate on that.  However, the fact remains that this team was grossly out of shape and ill-prepared at the start of the season for Northwestern, UCF, and subsequent ACC play.  Coaching is about preparation and game management, and Spaz failed on both fronts this season.

I think that this defense will get better next year, but I just don't see how the offense improves without a top-notch coordinator, which we will not get with Spaz.  Rettig showed Ryan-like potential today, but his window to improve is starting to close.  There's only so many more changes on the offensive front that he can take.  I don't think Brock is the answer.  I know Brock isn't the answer if he had anything to do with putting Bordner in today.

Second, someone needs to take the keys away from GDF when it comes to speaking to members of the press.  He clearly doesn't understand that when he says something incredibly stupid, such as Spaz is "The best coach that we’ve had in the 15 years that I’ve been here," the entire fan base begins to question his sanity.  I don't know which is worse, the fact that he might be genuinely delusional about the state of the football program, or the fact that he might think that he can get away with flat-out lying to the fan base.  It will be interesting to see how many players look to transfer after this news.

GDF could have pulled the trigger on Spaz today and he would have remained secure in the ADs office to hire another coach.  I think this move calls his job security into question.  Sooner or later either Father Leahy or the Board is going to step in and say "enough."

Someone needs to ask GDF what constitutes a successful football season, because right now I have absolutely no idea what a coach has to do to get fired around here.  If I look at Al Skinner's track record at BC and then at Spaz's, I have to say that the case to fire Spaz is infinitely stronger.

Finally, to this year's juniors, I'm sorry.  You were born in 1991, which turns out to be a terrible year to be born if you wanted to attend Boston College.  You have to deal with four , FOUR, years of Spaz.  Additionally, BC will probably never make an NCAA tournament in basketball while you're on campus.  At least hockey delivered, but it's completely understandable if you never give one dollar to BC athletics after graduation.  In fact, you should probably never have to pay to see a BC athletics game ever again.

This is one of the worst days in the six years I've been following BC sports...What ever happened to Ever to Excel?


  1. as a current junior, its glad to hear that the fanbase at large understands how royally fucked our class is when it comes to BC athletics.

  2. I find GDF's implication that since you are not there every day you can't possibly know what your talking about so STFU worse than the laughable best coach in 15 years.

    It is too bad for the junior class as Gene sat too long with semi-retired Skinner, and dumped Jags in a lovers quarrel. You do not even get to see the setting things on a positive path by belated being good stewards of Boston College.

    Does the business school use Gene D as a case study in what not to do? They should. The Jags crybaby presser is priceless.

  3. ^exactly

    I don't know of any profession on the planet where someone can be fired for interviewing for a better job. You think this EVER happens on Wall Street? Compared to Gene, the "big swinging dicks" of the financial industry look as humble as Mother Theresa.

  4. Yup, I'm also a junior. One of the big factors of me attending BC was the appeal of big time sports at a quality academic institution. What a joke it has been. Thank god I chose to study abroad this fall. I was actually torn on whether or not to simply because of football. I think I made the right call.


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