Monday, November 7, 2011

Updated New Coach Power Rankings

FSU got you down?  Cheer up with a dip into the fantasy land of prospective coaches...You didn't think these would die out did you?  No, after giving Spaz a reprieve for a win against lowly Maryland, these are back and better than ever.  Things are slowly becoming more consistent on the big board, and I don't see any of the first few guys taking a step back anytime soon.

  1. Paul Chryst:  Another reason I love this guy; he doesn't care what people think.  ESPN is doing a special on Wisconsin, and there Chryst is doing dip in the QB room.  You'd also think that some of the shine would be off Chryst after Wisconsin dropped two straight.  Nope.  In those games, the Badgers scored 31 and 29 respectably.  Those losses are on the defense.  If anything, those losses give BC a better than ever chance at securing Chryst.  Change from last week: none
  2. Brady Harsin:  The young QBs at UT seemed to have struggled early but have found their groove as the year's gone on.  Do you know what that's called?  Coaching.  Sign me up.  Change from last week: none
  3. Mike Leach:  So now there's this bit about Mike Leach being pursued by Tulsa, and that this might be Leach's best option.  If BC makes a play at Leach and Leach still ends up at Tulsa, we should just end our football program.  Boom.  Done.  Like when Tulsa becomes a better job than BC, UConn has won.  It's over.  Someone will probably point out in the comments section that our athletic department won't want Mike Leach because of his past, and the same point applies.  When we no longer hire good coaches because we're worried about our ESPN ratings and how he might interact with the athletic director, we're just done as a program.  Change from last week: none
  4. Butch Jones:  Another week, another win at Cincinnati.  It's hard to get excited about a three point win over Pitt, but having a team that knows how to win close games is important.  Back in the day (aka pre-2009), BC used to play a fair number of close games.  Change from last week: none
  5. Jim McElwain:  The OC at Alabama was a hot name right up until his unit laid an egg on national TV against eventual national champion LSU.  Your team laid an egg against LSU?  BC doesn't care.  Get us 20 consistently against the likes of Maryland, UVA, UNC, and Duke and you're not only got a job here for life, but we'll put up a statute of you next to Flutie.  Before LSU, Alabama was averaging north of 35 a game against the SEC!!!  McElwain is known for being a sort of offensive genius.  Before he bolted for 'Bama, he turned around Fresno State's offense in a single year, leading them to a win against Georgia Tech and a final ranking of number 32 in the country in scoring offense.  Let me also say this.  If we don't get one of these top five guys, I'm going to occupy Father Leahy's office. Change from last week: not ranked
  6. Peter Carmichael:  I can't find anyone seriously talking about Carmichael for a head coaching position right now.  That tells me that he's flying under the radar.  Also, Matt Tennant is tweeting about how Spaz needs to go.  Matt, seriously, hook us up with Carmichael.  Sell this man on BC, and then quit the Saints and come coach our offensive line.  Change from last week: -1
  7. Eric Mangini:  So there's this undergrad who tries to sell me on Eric Mangini every time he sees me.  No matter how much sense I try to make, he's convinced that BC and Mangini are a match made in heaven.  Persistence pays off because I'm tired of hearing about it so I give in.  I'll say this about Mangini; he was a lot better in NY than what people gave him credit for and some pretty darn good coaches have failed in Cleveland before finding success in the New England area.  Also, how amazing would the BB/Mangini rivalry be if it spilled into Patriots/BC?  Instant classic.  Change from last week: not ranked
  8. Mark Helfrich:  I'm going heavy here on offensive coordinators from big-name programs but I'm fine with it.  Our offense is horrible and we need someone with a proven track record of success.  Helfrich is not only one of the youngest college football coordinators, but he's also pretty good at it.  Helfrich also runs the spread offense, which I would love to see BC try out.  I think both Rettig and Bordner would benefit from a move to the spread.  Also, this guy's name is really similar to Mark Herzlich, which I like.  I don't think this is likely to happen only because Helfrich might be scooped up sooner by a bigger program.  Any takers in Mississippi?  Change from last week: not ranked
  9. Kevin Sumlin:  Houston is off to a 9-0 start, which means that Sumlin can have his pick of open head coaching positions.  Chances he picks BC?  Slim.  Change from last week: not ranked
  10. Doug Marrone:  Syracuse is off to a 5-3 start, which is better than average for the Orange, but they're still only 1-2 in the Big East.  I think Marrone is more of a fail-safe option than a serious one at this point, and I seriously considered kicking Marrone off in favor of Addazio.

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  1. I would rather a head coach from 1-AA that is offense oriented. Any candidates out there?


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