Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Ramblings

A very eventful weekend of BC sports is in the books.  Basketball kicks the year off in just over an hour against the University of New Hampshire.  I have a cousin who goes to UNH and if my mom thinks I'm going to attend the family Christmas get together if BC loses this game, she's got another thing coming.  This is as much of a must-win as a November basketball game can be for me...

  • The BC defense played really well against an anemic NC State offense on Saturday.  The conditioning of this team has really turned around over the past two months, which makes me even more infuriated at how out of shape we looked against Northwestern in September.  Terrible.
  • Pass rush is still an issue on the line.  I appreciate the fact that BC is implementing a few blitzes, especially with Divitto, but the D-Line has to figure something out during the off season.  It's a young group of guys but it seems like everyone is content to bull-rush the QB and call it a day right now.
  • I'm confused as to why it takes so long for the defensive plays to come in from the sidelines.  It seems like every play there are five guys on defense staring at the sidelines with their hands up in the air.  This is especially frustrating because of how good LK is at making defensive adjustments at scrimmage.
  • I realize that I'm being really negative considering the fact that we just won.  I apologize, but winning by four against NC State isn't changing my mind about anything right now. 
  • It's clear at this point that Dave Brock is not working out as OC.  The tight ends are still not really involved in the pass game, and the offense isn't putting up consistent points.  I still don't understand why we ran the ball on third and long from the NC State 30 with Bordner in.  If Bordner can't throw, fine, but put in someone who can instead of lamely accepting a field goal opportunity.  Play to win.
  • Can BC afford to keep Spaz if it means shelling out big for another OC?  That's something a lot of us have been ignoring lately when it comes to whether or not it makes financial sense to let Spaz go.
  • I really like Spiffy Evans as our return man.  It's a little maddening that our return men are always catching the ball stepping backwards though.  Again, it's these little things that the coaching staff consistently fail to correct...
  • Do you think Jerry York could coach football?
  • I think that Spaz's emotional press conference on Saturday is evidence that he's seriously considering resigning at the end of the season.  One of the only ways getting emotional makes sense right now is if you think this might be your last win and last home game as BC's coach.
  • This game reminded me why I didn't mind losing TOB.  Just aimlessly wandering around the sidelines listening to his headset.  It's almost like he has some satellite radio being piped in there.  And then there's Dana Bible, who is steadfastly committed to the run-run-pass offense.  The NC State fans in front of me were not pleased...
  • Jerry York is a genius.  Just when you think that Jack Parker is toast and that BU might be getting a new face for its fledgling program, BC comes out flat and allows BU to steamroll us.  I see what you're up to York...
  • Women's soccer crushed Marist in the first round of the NCAA tournament.  Dimartino, Mewis, Wagner, McCaffrey, and Bouchelle all scored in the 6-1 romp.  Who makes it further in the tournament, the men or the women?  My money is on the women...

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