Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jackson Leaves, Elmore Close to Gone

The obvious news today is that Jackson has chosen to test the waters in this year's NBA draft. While this was not unexpected, the good news is that he has not yet hired an agent, leaving open the door in case he wants to return to the heights. The more shocking news, however, came from the student press today, announcing that Dallas Elmore may not be back next season, and is looking into transfer options.

Clearly this changes things a bit in regards to our armchair predictions for next season, but what effect will this have on the long-term success of BC basketball?

Make the jump to find the Mikes' analysis!

Morning Coffee with the Man in the Yellow Suit

For this addition of morning coffee, we are delving into the wonderful world of the BC Superfan. About this time last year, a certain Superfan created some waves in the BC blogging community by wearing a yellow body suit to all of the home games. We think that's pretty cool and so I scribbled down his name when BC inadvertently announced it at a basketball game and he later agreed to do an interview with us.

Without further ado, I give you the man in the yellow suit!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reggie Jackson Declares for the Draft

Reggie Jackson announced today that he is declaring for the NBA draft, with one year of eligibility still remaining. He has not hired an agent so he technically remains eligible for the 2011-2012 NCAA season until he either hires an agent or does not withdraw his name from draft consideration by May 8. At this point, it is hard to believe that Reggie will be with us next year. He has legitimate NBA talent and has been rising up draft boards of late. He is a guaranteed first rounder, with the potential to slide up into the lower level of the lottery picks.

If Reggie does not return, we will miss him greatly, but let's all thank him for his three years with the program either way.

More analysis to follow tomorrow.

Next Year's Eagles: Coaching Staff/System Adjustments

In the past week or so, we've been doing a series comparing this year's men's basketball team to next year's. We're finally finished with the position-by-position analysis, so at this point we want to turn our attention to the coaching staff and the system as a whole. When viewing the system, we are attempting to judge whether or not next year's players will be better physical fits for the type of offense that Donahue is trying to run. So let's get started. As usual I am posting the back-links to the rest of the series for those who aren't frequent followers.

On the ball guards
Off the ball guards

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Does BC Baseball Matter?

With hockey and basketball both ending their seasons earlier than we would have liked, the only "major" sport at the Heights right now is baseball. As such I thought it would be a good idea to post a new poll (which you can vote in on the right) gauging the level of interest of the average BC fan. So: how much do you care about BC baseball?

(A related question - which you can answer in the comments at your leisure - is how much coverage you'd like to see on this site of the baseball team. Would you prefer recaps of each series, weekly/monthly discussions of how the team is going, or only occasional posts at key points like the start of the post-season, etc.?)

Next Year's Eagles: Centers

Last week we started a basketball series in an effort to determine which team is likely to be better: the 2010-11 Eagles or the 2011-12 squad. So far, we've determined that next year's team should have an edge in guard play but that last year's group definitely had better forwards. Today we move onto the big men. In case you missed our previous posts:

On the ball guards
Off the ball guards

Monday, March 28, 2011

Where Are They Now? - Baseball

The second in an occasional series catching up on some of the most notable BC sports alumni. If you missed it, check out Part 1 (Basketball).

With spring technically here (even if it still feels like winter in the Northeast) and Opening Day around the corner, I decided to postpone the Football and Hockey editions of this series to instead check in on some probably less well-known BC alumni - those who played baseball in the friendly confines the football tailgating area known as Shea Field. Make the jump to see where some of the best BC baseball players have landed since leaving the Heights.

And the Hits Just Keep on Comin'

Earlier today, I thought by this afternoon I might be getting over the devastation of the Eagles first round exit in the NCAA tourney and the departure of Cam Atkinson.  Well, I guess when it rains it really does pour.  As most of you probably heard Jimmy “He Slays” Hayes has signed with the Chicago Blackhawks.  Dagger to the heart.

Below is a clip from the movie Swingers. Jon Favreau is sitting on the floor in his darkened apartment lamenting the break-up of his long term girlfriend.  His friend Rob enters the apartment to find Favreau looking at pictures of from the relationship.  When Rob comes in and draws open the shades, Favreau shirks away from the sunlight.  I’m basically Favreau right now.

*Note it’s not the original audio.

Dudley to Start in Phoenix

I'm sure many of you have seen this already, but Jared Dudley is taking over starting duties for Vince Carter down in Phoenix.

I'm actually surprised that the Suns waited this long to make a move here. Dudley has been playing really solid ball for a while now, and Carter's career has been in decline seemingly forever, which calls into question why the Suns traded for him in the first place. AOL news, of all places, recently did a fairly decent article on why some NBA players continue to perform as they age while others don't. Hopefully BC players like Dudley take notice and continue to work on improving their games throughout the NBA season.

VCU Wins Again

Virginia Commonwealth University beat the pants off of the Kansas Jay Hawks yesterday, making Bill Self's team of future NBA players look like glorified high schoolers. VCU looked quick, athletic, dominant, and generally like the sharp-shooters that Donahue is trying to cultivate at BC. This brings me to my two main points this morning:
  1. I owe a letter of apology to the selection committee for questing their reasoning in regards to VCU. Granted, USC and UAB were still terrible picks, but they were right on VCU.
  2. I wonder if Donahue was watching the VCU game. VCU runs a similar offense to what Donahue envisions running at BC, but it is also heavily dependent on athleticism, something which doesn't seem high up on Donahue's list. 
 Make the jump for more thoughts on point two.

Hockey Update

Still in the fetal position, check back later today...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

So, About Last Night...

Just kidding. There's no way I'm doing a hockey write-up on that epic fail of a game last night. Too soon guys, too soon. Maybe Alex will post something when he uncurls from the fetal position sometime next week.

In the meantime, this is a money link from ESPN about our Wonder Boy Luke. It really speaks to what an amazing BC guy he is. I honestly don't know why he doesn't get more press but maybe this is the start of something bigger. The media needs to take notice of this kid because he's really an amazing talent.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tourney Time

Well the day is finally here.  The NCAA tournament is upon us and I for jacked!  First a little Friday music video love in honor of our boys going out to St. Louis...

The guys over at BCI have done a great job previewing the regional match-ups throughout this week. If you haven't done it yet, definitely check them out.  In the excitement of the tournament, I decided to do an informal NCAA bracket for all of our faithful readers.  First, let me apologize for not putting it in traditional bracket format.  It appears technological literacy once again eludes me.  Second please note, that I have not got the chance to see enough of college hockey outside of Hockey East to make really informed decisions.  I have to depend much more heavily than I would like on statistics.  As such, please take what follows with a light heart and consider them 70% serious.  Here we go.

2010-11 Eagles v. 2011-12 Eagles Part III: Forwards

The past two days we analyzed the differences between the men's basketball guards in 2010-11 and 2011-12 in a larger effort to determine whether or not next year's team has a shot to be better than this year's team. Today we move on to the forwards. Because BC doesn't have many forwards on the roster, we are not going to distinguish between small forwards and power forwards. In case you haven't been with us for the past two days, here are the first two parts of the series:

On the ball guards
Off the ball guards

Make the jump for the forward analysis.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

2011 v. 2012 Part II: Guard Comparison

Welcome to the second part of our off-season basketball series, where we make position-by-position comparisons between this year's BC team and next year's. Yesterday, we examined how guard play on the ball has the potential to be better next year, and today we will look at how guards off the ball should fare. In particular, the loss of Biko Paris will be discussed in more detail. 

Make the jump for full analysis. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NFL Draft Series - Thomas Claiborne

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 330
Draft Grade: 6th round-UDFA*
Projection: late 6th early 7th - around pick 200
Possible Landing Places: Pittsburgh, New York Jets, San Diego
Upside Comparison: Chris Kemoeatu, G Steelers
*Note - due to the lack of a CBA, there is currently no way for teams to sign players that are not drafted.

Claiborne was a three year for the Eagles at guard after being moved from defensive tackle after his redshirt freshman season. Coach Jags realized that he had substantial potential as an interior offensive lineman. For the next 3 seasons, Claiborne remained as the starter, mainly at right guard.

Make the jump for more analysis

Morning Coffee With Blogging the 'Boys

For our Morning Coffee this month, it is our pleasure to sit down with the Dallas Cowboys blog Blogging the 'Boys. These guys are the gold standard as far as pro football blogs go, and it's a real honor to have them answer a few questions from a start-up blog. These guys have been fairly cutting edge when it comes to applying advanced statistics to NFL players and teams but today we are going to confine our questions to those concerning BC players who might potentially end up in Cowboy uniforms.

Make the jump for the full interview.

2011 Eagles v. 2012 Eagles: Guards

Welcome to the first part of our seven part series comparing this year's basketball team to next. For the first two days, we are going to focus on the back court of the team, which is increasingly important in Donahue's high-octane offense. Next year's back court will have big shoes to fill, as they will be expected to maintain our offensive efficiency while improving defensive efficiency by keeping opponent's buckets from beyond the arc to a minimum. Today, we will break down the guards who are expected to be "on the ball" and tomorrow we will focus on those "off the ball."

Make the jump to see a player by player comparison:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Matt Ryan to Grace Madden Cover?

I'm not sure whether to be happy about the publicity of a BC guy gracing the cover of Madden '12 or to be worried about Matty Ice's health via the Madden jinx.

The Madden people are putting the cover athlete up to a vote this year, placing Matt Ryan as a "2-seed" on their march-madness style bracket. I'm assuming that Ryan makes it past the first round but everyone should vote just in case. 

Either way, you can vote for Matty Ryan to be on the next Madden video game cover here.

2011 Eagles v. 2012 Eagles

It's officially time to start breaking out the crystal ball for next season. While predictions in terms of wins and losses are impossible at this point, we can at least compare this year's team to next year's team in an effort to determine whether or not next year is going to be spent in the basketball hell that is the NIT tournament.

For matters of simplicity, we will start with analysis of the 2012 returning Eagles, trying to break down their games and what they need to work on in the off season in order to become more productive. Obviously, we expect the returning Eagles to progress, but hey you never know. After that, we will compare the incoming freshman to the players who are leaving this year, and try to make a determination on how big the gap will be between the graduating seniors and next year's freshman. Finally, we'll factor in the coaching staff and Donahue's system and take a look at the teams as a whole and predict which team will be more successful.

First Up Tomorrow: Reggie Jackson, Gabe Moton, and John Cahill (Oh yes, we're predicting a Cahill return)

BC Basketball: A year in review

While the season did not turn out like many of us had hoped, a disastrous loss to Clemson to pop the tournament bubble and an ugly loss to Northwestern in the NIT, the basketball team generally overachieved most realistic expectations. Overall, I would give the team a B+ for their performance. The team clearly lacked depth, with only 8 scholarship players and this showed against the stronger ACC teams, especially on the defensive end of the floor.

Donahue gets an A for his performance. He took a team, where most of its players were recruited for a "slow it down," flex offense that emphasized cuts to the basket, and created a successful offense designed around finding open threes.

Continue reading for some likes and dislikes.

Monday, March 21, 2011

BC Basketball Word Cloud

A few times recently I've come across "word clouds"—a graphic rendering of a piece of text. In these "clouds" the bigger the word, the more time it is used in whatever the text is (for an example, this is a word cloud of the US Constitution). Now that the season is over, I thought it would be fun to input all the basketball recaps and articles we've written on this site into a word cloud program and see what came out.

Without further ado, here's what came out (make the jump after for some random thoughts about what this cloud says, if anything, about BC basketball and our coverage of it). Click on the picture for the full-res version.

BC Hockey East Champs!

By now you’ve heard, The Boston College Eagles are once again Champions of Hockey East!  2 great games this weekend and the Eagles proved once again that they own the Garden.  Friday night the Eagles downed a very good Northeastern team who has given them fits all year.  Then on Saturday they went head-to-head with “Cinderella Story” Merrimack and showed why they started the season out ranked 1st.  Make the jump for thoughts on the games and a look ahead.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tournament Update

Now that we're officially out of the NIT tournament, we can turn our undivided attention to March Madness (not that it wasn't there before). As a group, the results are pretty astounding, and only three people are below the 50th percentile, two of them being members of this blog (face in hands).

Make the jump for the complete results.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Out On a Limb

Tonight King York’s Eagles will be taking on Cheating Greg Cronin’s Northeastern Huskies in the semi-finals of the Hockey East Tournament.  The winner will play Saturday night for the Lamoriello Trophy.  Should our mighty Eagles make it to Saturday night, they would take on the winner of UNH-Merrimack’s Friday night game.  All games will be played at the Garden.  Up to this point I have not been in the habit of making predictions regarding the outcome of individual games.  That’s largely because if one’s predictions are wrong, he looks foolish.  And in my short time on this good planet, I have realized 2 things.  The first is that I am wrong, a lot.  Second, I don’t need any help making myself look foolish.  Today though, I’m feeling lucky!  Make the jump for my thoughts and prediction of the outcome tonight.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

BC Gives FREE Admission to NIT

With a student ID that is. I can't say I'm honestly surprised at this point because not too many people I know would pay to see this team play in the NIT. I'll probably head on down to see them now that it's free, but 11am is an awfully early start. I guess they don't want to interfere with the NCAA tournament. What do you guys think the over/under should be on attendance? I would guess that it's going to be fairly sparsely attended but sometimes BC fans surprise me. In any case, we're probably going to have to wait until the 10 minute mark in the first half before people start showing up anyway.

In other news, I have yet to score any points in the bracket challenge. That's right. Not one. I was tempted to put Louisville into the Elite 8 but changed my mind at the last minute. At least I haven't lost any final four teams yet but the way things are going I should lose one or two before the end of the day. While we're on the tournament, I'm sick and tired of hearing about how VCU's win somehow vindicates the selection committee. To quote my dad "even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while." Our argument with VCU was that they didn't have a very good chance of winning a game, not that they had no chance. Just because they beat USC (who arguably shouldn't have been in the tournament either) doesn't mean the selection committee saw something we didn't. It just as likely means that USC isn't as good as the committee thought, or that VCU got lucky. I would still take BC, Tech, or Colorado over VCU any day of the week.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Katie King Coach of the Year Candidate

One of the coaches around BC who doesn't get nearly enough credit is women's hockey coach Katie King. She may be one of the best hires that GDF ever made, and so I'm really happy that she's getting at least some of the recognition she deserves. She went from an assistant coach to the head coach on the heels of a sex scandal, which I will not speculate on because I simply don't know the details, but she has managed to represent the program in an excellent way while maintaining a high standard of success on the ice. I can't think of too many coaches who have come in directly after a major scandal, restored the program's reputation, and still put up an excellent team year-in and year-out. It's just very hard to convince parents to let their kids come into a situation where the program has a real black mark  on it but King really thrived through an adverse situation. She's near the top of the list of people in the BC athletic community that I hope to meet someday because of her success as the women's hockey coach and I really hope she get's this award.

Draft Profile: Anthony Castonzo

As a countdown to the NFL Draft in late April, I will be doing a series on the BC players who have NFL potential. One should go up each week on either Tuesday or Wednesday. The first entry in the series is Anthony Castonzo.

Anthony Castonzo
Grade: 1st round
Projection: Top 15-20 picks
Possible landing places: Cowboys, Lions, Rams, Colts
NFL Upside Comparison: D'Brickshaw Ferguson

Make the jump for more analysis

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Away From Home - BC Dominates McNeese State 82-64

I'll keep this review short since, well, it wasn't the most exciting or meaningful game of all time. Nonetheless, BC survived the first round of the NIT and will host a home game against either UW-Milwaukee or Northwestern in the second round.

As far as this game went, BC basically dominated play from start to finish, save for a short period late in the second half when McNeese State brought the lead down to 11. Reggie Jackson dominated as usual (22 points) and Josh Southern had his best game since January (13 points, despite two classic travels). The rest of the team played solidly as well, with Biko Paris contributing 14 points and Corey Raji a characteristic double-double of 15 points and 11 rebounds. BC played for most of the game like it actually wants to win the NIT, so next round's game should be interesting (and a lot more competitive). For now, the important takeaway is simply that the Eagles survived to fight another day and keep their chances alive for a March appearance in Madison Square Garden.

Impact of Kreider's Injury

Let me start by making it clear that I like Chris Kreider.  He’s easily one of the most fun players in the country to watch.  He seems like a good guy, and I really, really hope he sticks around next year.  I think he has a chance to be great, and I’m not using that term lightly.  I don’t want any of what follows to sound like I don’t appreciate him or that I’m kicking a man when he’s down. I don’t intend to lob grenades at an injured player.  I simply want to examine the impact of his loss on BC’s chances in the NCAA and Hockey East tournaments.  In order to do that I think it’s important to dispel a seemingly popular view of Chris Kreider and what type of player he is.  Let’s call it the “Kreider Myth.”

Monday, March 14, 2011

Eagles Sweep ZooMass in Hockey East Quarterfinals

This weekend was, to say the least, encouraging for BC Hockey.  The Eagles swept UMass Amherst Friday and Saturday night in the first round of the Hockey East tournament.  Meanwhile, Northeastern beat BU 2 out of 3.  That means Friday night in the semis, our Eagles will once again take on the (Cheating) Huskies at the Garden. I did not make it to either of this weekend’s games, so take the following with a grain of Morton’s, but make the jump for a few thoughts from the box scores.

Top 5 Reasons BC Was Left at the Altar

As we all know BC did not make the NCAA tournament and instead grabbed a a number one seed in the NIT. Instead of a home game however, they are playing AT McNeese St. (side note - I still have not heard a valid reason on why GDF passed on a home game). After such a promising start to the year, it seemed at times the Eagles would be a lock for the tourney. Now they are traveling to Louisiana to play a road game against some team 90% of you never heard of (talk about some "real" motivation). In short, what happened?

Here are my top 5 reasons the Eagles missed the tourney.

1. Getting swept by Clemson. This includes the ACC tourney but BC looked completely over matched both times against a "bubble level team". If they beat Clemson in the ACC tourney, you could swap BC in for Clemson in the tourney.

2. Reggie Jackson's 3 at UNC rims out. If this goes in, BC gets it's a signature win and in the tourney. No question in my opinion.

3. The bad, bad losses. Yale, URI and to a lesser degree Harvard. Yale was inexcusable. URI was a middling A-10 team and if this was our only bad loss, this would be fine. Losing to Harvard while upsetting at the time, turned out to be an OK loss relatively speaking. The loss solely to them did not stop BC from dancing.

4. Getting swept by Miami. The Eagles win one of these, I think they're in. You can't lose both games to a bottom 4 ACC team and expect to make the tournament.

5. Second half letdown versus Wisconsin. I only bring this up because BC had a chance to win this game at the half (up by 3) and if they held on, it would have gave BC a true signature win.

Did I overlook anything? Disagree with my list? Give me your top 5 reasons BC missed the tourney in the comments.

Also join our Bracket Challenge and the winner gets to write a post! Enter here:

P.S. I realize it's been a while since I posted but real life, work and planning a move got in the way. I'll try to be better about this.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Around the Res Bracket Challenge

We didn't make the tournament, as expected. More analysis will come on that front either tonight or tomorrow.

In the meantime, join the Around the Res tournament challenge.

Winner gets to guest post on the blog about whatever topic he or she feels like subjecting our readers to, provided of course that the language is clean and and the content is at least marginally classy.


Not a Great Start to the Day

Is it just me or does this picture not bode well for the Eagles?

Selection Sunday

Selection Sunday is finally here and most Eagles fans seem to be dreading the inevitable announcement that BC will not be selected to go to the 68 team tournament. While I should stress that there are still some commentators out there who think that BC is in, in large part because of their sweep of Va. Tech, all signs seem to be pointing to the NIT tournament right now.

Make the jump.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Conte Forum Review

This weekend were contacted by the guys over at Stadium Journey, a website that rates the experience of various arenas around the country. This week they reviewed Conte Forum, and I must say, having gone to every home basketball game for my junior and senior years, the review is pretty much spot on. For most of you this probably won't reveal anything you didn't already know, but it is interesting to see what non-BC fans think of our arena. One caveat: they only cover basketball, so the more raucous hockey crowds don't get a review. Still, an interesting read. Check it out.

Friday, March 11, 2011

An Embarrassment ACCT Round 2 - Clemson 70 Boston College 47

The game started off terribly and led to an embarrassing outcome. Clemson went on a 11-0 run as BC played sloppy and missed their open shots when they got them. Thankfully BC got it together for a while and made a run of their own. However, their runs were never enough to quite get close to Clemson as mental mistakes and lack of rebounding allowed Clemson to pick up extra points. Southern's "pick" stands out as BC was starting to make a run and Southern decided to try to make a pick that looked more like a guard pulling out in football. By the end of the half, BC was lucky to close within 8 by the end of the half.

The second half started out well enough with Jackson getting an easy hoop on the post to cut the Clemson lead to 6. However after that, everything went downhill as the same problems that occurred in the first half popped up again. Jackson was effectively double teamed, the shooters couldn't hit open shots and the offense again played sloppily. Clemson quickly built their lead and by the ten minute mark, Clemson had put the game away.

Other thoughts:

Not a whole lot else to say - the entire team played poorly for most of the game. Trapani showed some flashes in the paint and Cahill showed up for a few plays but for the most part the entire team from the players to Donahue sucked throughout the game. An absolutely embarrassing game for the team and quite possibly has pushed them out of the tournament.

The shooters never really got into a groove and the entire team seemed to become hesistant and sloppy. Raji didn't improve his shooting from yesterday to today and unfortunately

Southern's mental mistakes were brutal - the blatant moving pick, the outlet pass to the other team, etc.

It was really disappointing to see this type of performance in what was an NCAA tourney entrance game. All the team needed to do was show up and be competitive and they would have solidified a bid. Now its very questionable and BC could very well end up in the NIT.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Because Once Isn't Enough; BC defeats Wake Forest 81-67

In the opening round of the ACC tournament, BC played in a rematch of their last regular season game, again playing Wake Forest. The game proceeded in much the same manner as BC started out somewhat slow and sloppy out of the gate but then quickly pulled away. By halftime, they had built up a large lead. The first half went smoothly as the offense pretty much worked at will against the inexperienced Wake defense. Reggie Jackson's driving ability and court awareness led to many easy open threes. The shooting was great, especially from beyond the arc demonstrated by Biko Paris' 5-7 from three. Joe Trapani also pretty much got to his spot both down low on the block and outside as both Carson Desrosiers and Nikita Mescheriakov were often caught out of position.

The second half opened up quickly as the Eagles pulled ahead by 20 with a short quick run. However, the sloppiness of the early part of the first half returned which allowed Wake Forest to make multiple runs to get within 10 or 11. Thankfully, whenever Wake would make a minor run, BC would hit back with a 3 or a Jackson drive. Ultimately the game was never in doubt. Continue for some more general observations.

BC Hockey Positioning Itself for NCAA Run

At this point it’s almost cliché to point out that Jerry York coached teams play best at the end of the season.  It seems nearly every year the hockey team starts off slow (and often ranked poorly), heats up around February, and then kicks it into high gear in March.  Often this means deep runs into the frozen four.  Even when it doesn’t, BC really starts to click as the weather gets warmer.  This is in large part due to the systematic way York teams are designed.  As the players become more familiar with the system, their role, and their teammates roles’ the team plays up a level. This season has been a little different.  They started off with the number 1 ranking in the country and have played more-or-less accordingly for most of the season.  That said, the team is certainly progressing and getting much better.  I was a little nervous after the 3-game Northeastern fiasco, but after the last two series against ZooMass and Northeastern I’m back to feeling good about the best show in town.  Make the jump for a couple players to watch in the Hockey East and NCAA tournaments.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Introducing Mike C.

Some more biographical information and fun facts about Mike C;

Mike C. graduated from Boston College with majors in political science and history. While at BC, he worked in various administration offices and attended almost all of the basketball and football games. Mike is currently studying at BC Law.

Mike’s favorite BC sport is football followed by basketball. After rotting through the last few years of Skinner-led basketball teams, Mike is excited to see what Donahue can bring in the future. Mike even follows BC baseball loosely and was sad to see Coach Aoki leave the Heights for some little midgets and Touchdown Jesus. Outside of BC sports, Mike is a traditional Boston fan which means that Tom Brady > all.

Good News and Bad News

I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about the constantly fluid situation concerning BC's tournament hopes right now but another eyebrow raising development occurred this morning when ESPN dropped BC from an 11 seed to a 12 seed, but in so doing advanced the Eagles past the two play-in games. I'm not entirely sure how we ended up in a better position by dropping one seed but I'll definitely take. Interestingly, ESPN also has Clemson in as a 12 seed, which might mean that our worries about a potential BC-Clemson play-in game were unfounded. Definitely a good sign for us because I don't see BC challenging Clemson's size advantage any time soon.

More after the jump.

Around the Res to Add Writer Mike C.

Around the Res will soon have another member writing for our blog, Mike C. Mike has been very dedicated to the comments section of the blog so far and we have been really impressed by the quality of analysis he brings to the discussion. We expect him to have an immediate impact in terms of posting frequency, and also expect him to improve the overall quality of the blog by bringing another angle to the analysis of BC sports.

This move makes a lot of sense for the blog at this time because it adds another quality member who can seamlessly move into the overall theme of Around the Res. Mike is a 2010 alumnus of Boston College, and currently studying at BC Law (as if we needed another law student around here). He was a political science major as an undergraduate and is flat out one of the smartest guys I know.

Look out for his first post, an introduction to his BC sports experience, within the next few days.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Cents

As the clock rapidly approaches Sunday night, there are two developing stories to keep your eye on. First, using the BC-Clemson game as an elimination match-up, makes a ton of sense for the tournament committee and should generally help the school that wins. Second, BC fans should start preparing for the possibility that Boston College might not make the tournament while the puppy dogs of BU (gasp!) will. As an added bonus, one Jesuit college has already made the NCAA tournament (hint: not Georgetown).

More after the jump.

Monday, March 7, 2011

BC 11 Seed in New Bracketology

Joe Lunardi has BC as an 11 seed in his latest bracketology, updated today. The updated bracketology has BC as the second best of the last four in, playing Colorado in order to avoid Va. Tech, which is the lowest ranked school to get an at-large bid. Should Michigan State and another school on the fringe falter while BC handles a game or two in the ACC tournament, BC might be able to sneak out of a first round match-up. Should BC advance against Colorado, which I think would be a favorable match-up for us, Lunardi has an old-school Catholic university throw-down between BC and Georgetown. That would be a ton of fun to watch.

Is BC Really In?

Last night's loss by Missouri State in the Missouri Valley League brings up an important point for BC basketball fans; bracketology and other tournament projections are heavily dependent on how many "open bids" are available after conference play. Because each league winner gets an automatic bid, every time a team that would not have otherwise been given an NCAA invite wins a league tournament, an open bid gets taken from the bubble teams. Of course, this is only the case if the league has at least one team which will otherwise gain an at-large bid. So for example, while the winner of the Colonial Conference would not have otherwise gained an at large bid, because no other team in the conference would have gained an at large bid, the winner has already been factored into BC's bracketology. On the other hand, because ESPN pundits predicted a Missouri Conference win for Missouri State, and seeded them at number12, an at-large bid may have been lost when the team lost to Indiana State in the finals. However, Missouri State's weak out of conference schedule probably puts them behind BC. This is definitely something to keep an eye on as the smaller conference tournaments begin to wrap up.

Make the jump to see how this effects BC. 

Where Are They Now? - Basketball

You asked, and so we deliver - this will be the first in a series of posts detailing what some former BC players are up to now. Needless to say, it's pretty hard to track down those that aren't currently playing professionally, so these lists will usually be limited to BC athletes that moved on to a professional league of some sort. Today we start with basketball, and we'll have football, hockey, and baseball coming up in the days to come.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Does Gene Defilipo Have Too Much Control?

Things are really picking up on the basketball and hockey fronts.  Before they get too crazy, I want to return to the OC hiring process and some of the controversy surrounding it. The hiring process, which concluded last month, raised some questions in the BC blogging community concerning whether or not Athletic Director Gene Defilipo has too much control over the football program. While he certainly has more control over the football program than most athletic directors at most schools, I see his specific involvement with BC football as an asset to the program and generally not a liability.

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Weapons of Wake Destruction - BC Puts the Hurt on Wake Forest 84-68

On Senior Day at Conte Forum, the Eagles came out a little slow to start the first half, with a few sloppy passes and poor defensive effort leading to a bunch of easy layups and three-point shots for the Deacons. Fortunately, BC was able to withstand the run thanks to good offensive looks of their own, and once Donahue switched the defense up from a 3/4-court zone to a more standard man-to-man, the Eagles defense improved and BC was off to the races, forcing ten first-half turnovers and running the floor - most impressively when Corey Raji slammed down a highlight reel dunk after a missed Wake three-pointer.

The Eagles only further extended their lead in the second half while giving the crowd more impressive plays to cheer about, including a Reggie Jackson block that led to a Raji and-one at the other end. The rest of the game pretty much went the same way, as Wake was never able to cut the lead to less than 10 points. After the jump, a list of the various highlights (and one lowlight) from this game:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hockey East Regular Season Finale

Faithful Hockey Fans/ATR readers, the most exciting time of the regular season is upon us, and the conclusion of this Hockey East season is about as exciting as you could hope for.  Tonight BC will take on the UNH Kitty-Cats at Conte and then head up to the Whitmore Center Saturday night.  Not only is the penny seed still up for grabs, there could be a lot of shake-up in the top half of Hockey East.

By Sunday we will know the final standings of the Hockey East regular season (which will also serve as the seeding for the HE Conference tournament).  The top 8 teams will make the tournament.  The first round of the tournament will match the 1 seed vs. 8 seed, 2 vs. 7, etc.  That is to say, there are no byes.  There are many permutations of how this will shake out.  My basics statistics class with Fr. McGowan was a long time ago, which is to say I won’t make the mistake of trying to calculate them all.  Instead, let’s look at a few parameters guiding the final standings.  Make the jump for the rundown.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All About Donahue

The guys over at BCI called my attention to an article which is pulling for Donahue to be seriously considered for ACC Coach of the Year honors. I have a few problems with this article, the first being that it seriously understates Donahue's success this year. My assessment of this team hasn't really changed much, but I have a ton of respect for Donahue right now in that he has not only exceeded expectations (even if we don't win another game this year) but also seems to be pulling a page out of Jerry York's book.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winning: BC Takes Hold of its Tourney Fate with 76-61 Win Over Virginia Tech

I don't want to bury the lede here - BC is back in the driver's seat when it comes to the NCAA "bubble." BC came out hot, stayed hot (save for a scary stretch at the end of the first half) and basically eviscerated the seemingly cursed Virginia Tech Hokies. Any recap of this game has to start with Reggie Jackson, who finished with 20 points and set the tone early with three quick threes and a drive to the hoop that resulted in a foul.

Virginia Tech, for its part, looked lost from the get-go. They struggled shooting from three yet kept shooting contested shots, they were never able to make a sustained run, and generally looked hungover from their impressive victory over (formerly) #1 Duke this weekend. Really, this game was a best-case scenario for the Eagles, and I'll have glowing reviews of a number of team members after the jump:

Prediction for Tonight

Sorry for the more sporadic posting lately. A combination of end-of-the-fiscal-year accounting and impending law school exams is beginning to catching up with our writers. That being said, I think it's high time for a little bit of speculation about tonight's big match-up. Despite our 20 point victory on the road against Virginia last weekend, ESPN's writers saw our win for what it was, namely a win against a bad Virginia team. As a consequence, ESPN still has BC as one of the first four teams out. A win tonight will put this team squarely in the tournament, you would think.

So how do I see this season shaking out?