Friday, April 29, 2011

Send My Regards to Jamie Silva!

Last night didn’t exactly pan out as expected, but an Anthony Castonzo fan with no NFL bias has to be thrilled with the results.  Obviously it would have been nice to see the Cowboys snatch up our boy in the top 10.  Many fans would have liked to see the big fella in a Patriots or Giants uniform as well.  When the G-men took Prince Amukamara with the 19th overall pick – in a great example of the “best player available” strategy – many BC fans started to sweat.  Then the chiefs traded the number 21 pick to Cleveland* and there were legitimate concerns that Castonzo might slip to the second round.  The Colts put an end to those worries, selecting AC with the 22nd overall pick.

*Cleveland traded their initial number 6 pick to Atlanta who was trading up to take Julio Jones.  On a very important side note, the idea of Matty Ice handing off to Michael Turner and throwing bombs to Roddy White and Julio Jones has me salivating already.

I really don’t see how this could have worked out much better for Castonzo in regard to his development as a player.  Obviously, the money would have been better had he been selected earlier, but in the long run, you’ve got to think Indianapolis is the best for him (save maybe New England).  He’s going to one of the most successful teams in the AFC.  They’re a perennial playoff team so one would imagine Castonzo will get great experience early in his career.  Further, the Colts are in serious need of offensive line help.  Castonzo can realistically come in right away and make an impact.  Granted, he probably would have played right away for many of his other suitors.  Regardless, AC will be thrown into the fire early just as he was at BC.

Lastly, for an offensive lineman in the NFL today there is no job more important than protecting Peyton Manning’s blind side.  Castonzo will be working with arguably the greatest quarterback playing the game.  Manning is absurdly good at reading defenses and making changes on the spot.  Obviously this will present a lot of challenges up front for Castonzo, but you can’t ask for a better QB to learn from.

Many congratulations to Anthony Castonzo.  He is the epitome of a BC guy and I look forward to watching as he continues to represent the Eagles with unparalleled class.

Now, who’s gonna take Herzy?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

NFL Draft Countdown Update: Day 1

Tonight is the first night of the 2011 NFL draft and will contain the first round. Mark Herzlich will be in attendance but plans to only stay for an hour or so for the introduction and then spend the night with his family in New York City. Anthony Castonzo, meanwhile who is projected to be a first round pick is planning a family and friends party at a restaurant.

Castonzo is the only B.C. player who will be drafted tonight. He has been recently linked to the Cowboys, Lions, and Patriots. As the safest of the top three tackle group (Castonzo, Smith, and Solder) it would be surprising if he were to fall much past the Patriots at 17. Personally, I would be surprised if he makes it any past the Lions at 13. Check back on Friday for analysis on the results of the first round!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011-2012 Updated BC basketball lineup

Between the news of Jackson leaving for the NBA and Dallas Elmore leaving the school and looking to transfer, the 2011-12 BC basketball team's starting lineup looks considerably different than what we had considered back in March. After these two losses, the BC team has only 2 guaranteed returning players in Moton and Rubin. I'm assuming that Cahill will come back as a 5th year senior which will make 3 returning players plus Humphrey who sat out last year after transferring from Oregon.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reggie Jackson NBA Draft Profile

Reggie Jackson
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210
NBA position: PG/SG
Proj: pick 20-25

Reggie came onto campus as a very athletic guard who had minimal ball skills and was thought of as entirely as an off the ball guard. Between his sophomore and junior seasons his ball control skills became much better as well as his outside shooting. This combination in addition to his athleticism led to a monster junior season and him declaring for the draft with a year of eligibility left.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Why Pro Success Matters for BC

Over this past Easter weekend, I went to visit relatives in the Pittsburgh area. On the way back to the airport, the rental car guy noticed my ubiquitous BC hat and proceeded to enter into a discussion that first touched on Anthony Castonzo and how much the Steelers could use a new offensive lineman, and then more generally on the consistent quality of offensive linemen BC produces.

What does this anecdote have to do with anything? I think it's a good example of just how important pro success, starting with the NBA or NFL drafts and extending into the season, is to the continued success of a school like BC. Schools that compete year-in and year-out for the national championship are already well known regardless of when and if their players get drafted. For a smaller school like Boston College, however, it's of vital importance to stay in the national eye for both recruiting and monetary purposes. Since pro sports in general and their respective drafts in particular are covered much more extensively than BC itself in the national media, this is an extremely useful way to get the BC name out to the rest of the country. Star recruits are also more likely to come to BC if they think there is a good chance BC will help them reach the professional level.

In the past decade or so BC has had remarkable success in recruiting, and more importantly developing, professional candidates for the NFL, especially on the offensive line (although producing a star QB like Matt Ryan doesn't hurt either). In recent years, the basketball team as well has started to produce talent that can compete on an NBA level. Not surprisingly, BC has also seen an increase in national attention. With new coaches heading up both the basketball and football teams, it will be interesting to see if and how they continue these positive trends. Indeed, this should be one of the prime goals of both coaches, as developing NFL- and NBA-level talent is more important to future success than the win/loss record of any individual season.

Weekly Stock Report

Sorry for not posting for a few days. Easter and exams overloaded my schedule. Now, for your weekly stock report brought to you by your friends at Around the Res...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Matty Ryan Just Keeps Getting Classier

When GDF stepped to the podium at the Flynn Fund breakfast before the BC football game and started dropping hints that he was introducing a former BC quarterback, my mind immediately raced to how cool it was about to be to meet Doug Flutie. When it turned out that the quarterback, whose name GDF "couldn't remember" was Matt Ryan, my jaw pretty much hit the floor. I started ignoring my breakfast, my friends at the table, and even Shakim Phillips. I was stunned not only to see a living BC-legend but also to see that BC was using Matt Ryan as the face of the program. A few days later, the decision seems like a natural one, because as strange as it seems, Matt Ryan has officially replaced Doug Flutie as BC's most effective ambassador.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NFL Draft Series - Alex Albright

Alex Albright
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 254
Draft Grade: UDFA
Projection: UDFA

Alex Albright was a three year starter at defensive end and, despite a long run of injuries throughout the years, was always the best rush end on the team. He had a great 2007 season, leading the team with 8.5 sacks and helping the team to the 2007 ACC Championship game.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Chalkboard: Offensive Line Recruits

This year BC signed six offensive linemen to football scholarships. To have six out of 23 scholarships being devoted to the offensive line represents a real commitment on Spaz's part to rebuilding depth in the trenches after seeing three contributing seniors graduate. The O-line is one of the most difficult positions for Rivals to predict (Anthony Castonzo was only a two-star recruit), so what should we think about these recruits?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Stock Report

It's Marathon Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you doing reading this? Okay, fine read this post first, but then get outside and enjoy BC's Christmas.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Elmore Officially Gone

Dallas Elmore has officially left Boston College. We wish him the best of luck in the future and hope that he continues on a course of study that will lead him to success after graduation.

The Boston Globe was the first to report Elmore's departure, strangely in their writeup about the BC spring game. The write up is pretty lame, especially when it rehashes the Rettig-Swigert connection, yet again, but it did bring up some things we missed (still no box score from BC).

For example, Mike Javorski had a pretty decent day for himself, rushing for 82 yards on 20 carries . I can't see him getting on the field this year though. Mike C. reminds me that he tore it up last year during the spring game and that didn't lead to any substantial playing time. "If Javorski gets five carries this year that means something catastrophic happened."

Globe also reported that Shakim Phillips, who is now one of my favorite guys on the team, was in and out of the lineup with an eye injury. Like what, he needs glasses or something? His eyes looked fine to me at breakfast. I thought it was a strange comment and would have liked some specificity.

The Globe was one of the few news outlets to report on the spring game. I still have yet to see ESPN do anything meaningful on it. Might we get a post about it in HD's blog on Monday?

Stock report and marathon tomorrow.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Defense Recap

Earlier I had a recap of the offense, and now we move onto the defense. I was admittedly concentrating on trying to glean clues about Rogers' new offensive scheme and not freezing to death during most of the game, especially considering the fact that our defense returns a fair number of starters. The defense looked pretty stout most of the game, adhering to our tried and true method of bending but never breaking. I will include the second team in my analysis from time to time because they're worth mentioning right now. Unlike the offense, the defense likes to run more guys in and out so the second unit needs to be strong as well.

Offense Recap

It was an extremely chilly game today in Chestnut Hill, with an official game-time temperature of 46 degrees. Despite the overcast weather, we had a great day on campus, got to meet Matty Ice, saw a little baseball, and had breakfast with the football players. I was pretty impressed with both sides of the ball today, although I would have loved to see more fans come out and cheer our guys on. An appropriate quote from a BC alumnus '58:

"BC football is a lot like church; many show up late, and a lot leave early."

Spring Game Today!!!

Spring game today! Get your football fix in either by showing up to Alumni or by checking here for a recap and analysis later tonight (or both). Top five players I'm really excited to see in action today:

1. John Wetzel: Can the new LT protect Chase Rettig? How much tight end help will he get? Is he quick enough to help out on runs to the right side? So many questions...

2. Jim Noel: What position will he be playing? Over/under 2 interceptions?

3. Albert Louis-Jean: Easily the most exciting recruit from last year's class (sorry Suntrup). Will he make a push to be the number three CB or will he be stuck as a dime package/special teams player? Any chance of a red shirt?

4. Steele Divitto: How much weight did he pack on so far in the off-season? Will he start at linebacker?

5. All of the RGs: Intrigue at the spring game! Who will become our new RG? My bet is on Harris but it will be really interesting to see who gets the start today.

Headed down to the morning breakfast with the football players. Hope we get to sit with Chase...

Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Spring Depth Chart: Defense

We're releasing our predicted depth chart for the defense in anticipation of tomorrow's spring game. There are probably less position battle on this side of the ball, but the defense looks pretty stacked this year and we can't wait to see the guys play tomorrow! Let's see what Mike C. put together...

Around the Res: Does Kuechly win the Lott Trophy?

We haven't done an Around the Res post in a while because most of our writers have been busy with one thing or another. Today's topic: Will Luke Kuechly win the Lott Trophy? He recently made the watch list, with seemingly every other decent defender in college football. Could this be the year BC brings home some hardware?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Spring Depth Chart: Offense

Because BC doesn't want to release a depth chart, we're going to make one of our own.  You'll find plenty of surprises in Mike C.'s depth chart with analysis from both Mikes to follow.

WR1A: Ifeanyi Momah
WR1B: Johnathan Coleman or Shakim Phillips

WR2A: Bobby Swiggert
WR2B: Alex Amidon

LT1: Emmett Cleary
LT2: Seth Betancourt

LG1: Nate Richman
LG2: Bryan Davis

C1: Mark Spinney
C2: Nate Richman

RG1: Bobby Vardaro
RG2: Harris Williams

RT1: John Wetzel
RT2: Mike Goodman

TE1: Chris Pantale
TE2: Lars Anderson

QB1: Chase Rettig
QB2: David Shinskie

RB1: Montel Harris
RB2: Rolandan Finch

FB1: Andre Lawrence
FB2: Lars Anderson

Note: Both Andre Williams and Colin Larmond Jr. are out of spring camp and the Spring Game but project to the Summer 2-deep

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just a Heads Up

This has got to be the best deal of all time, right?

"Eagles Deli Jersey"

I’m going to start with the obvious.  Any person who thinks 3 grand is too expensive for a framed and autographed Matty Ryan Jersey, is out of their mind.  Then you throw in an inscription to a restaurant that stands at the peak of the Epicurean world, and I’m starting to wonder if this Craigslist user is legitimately insane.  I think the path from here is pretty clear…

Buy up the whole lot or make an offer for just the Ryan jersey.  Pay whatever it costs to ship it up from Miami.  Hang the jersey over your fireplace.  Gather your children around and regal them with stories of BC lore.  Tell them about the time you polished off a Godzilla burger and Cajun fries on a September afternoon before settling in to watch Matty Ice (dressed in the all-whites) launch bombs into the Georgia night sky – finding Brandon Robinson in the corner.  Make the kids dust and Windex the frame twice daily.  Finally, when your time on this earth has come, order your family to burry you in the Jersey.

Or if you’re feeling generous, purchase the “Eagles Deli Jersey” and send it to your favorite BC sports blog…

NFL Draft Series - Damik Scafe

Damik Scafe
Position: 4-3 DT, 3-4 DE
Height: 6-2
Weight: 300
Grade: UDFA
Projection: UDFA*
* Until there is a new CBA, teams cant sign any of the players, putting UDFA's in a tough spot.

Damik red-shirted his first season on the team before going on to play a reserve role in his first season. Since the graduation of Brace and Raji, he has been a full time starter for the team at the tackle spot. He showed an ability throughout his career to be disruptive in the backfield but had trouble at times staying on the field due to injuries.

Quinn Ejected From Spring Game

One of the bigger things we missed this week is that defensive lineman Dillon Quinn was ejected from last weekends scrimmage after throwing a punch at a teammate. Quinn is an excellent young talent on the line, but his infractions are quite frankly adding up to the point that they are overshadowing any potential he has. There is no tape on the play and I would assume that Quinn felt that the offensive line was playing either a little dirty or too hard through the whistle for his liking. I honestly can't blame the line for playing hard because there is a lot of competition for starting spots, and the group's opportunity to play together in live action will be limited between now and the start of the season.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest Post from Bracket Challenge

We have our guest post from the bracket challenge, and I can't wait to read it. Clayton teamed up with some other law students to provide our readers with a little entertainment for their Tuesday afternoons. It seems that the post is split into two parts and I can't wait to read them both. Congratulations again to Clayton for winning our bracket challenge!

Tuesday Chalkboard: O-Line Woes

BC's offensive line is undergoing major changes this year. Losing a no-doubt first round draft pick as well as two fringe NFL prospects is going to be difficult for the Eagles to weather, but perhaps not as impossible as many fans would think. This is because the success of the offensive line is completely unlike the success of any other position set in college football. In fact, offensive line success is best explained by an economic theory developed in light of the Challenger disaster and converted to sports for the use of soccer analysis. Crazy, but true, my friends. Welcome to our Tuesday Chalkboard.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekly Stock Report

We haven't done this in a while, but welcome to your weekly stock report, brought to you by your friends at Around the Res.

GDF Interview Analysis

To wrap up our GDF interview series (five interview-related posts and counting!) I decided to take a look at some of the more interesting things the AD said and discuss the implications. For simplicity's sake, I'll take the comments in order.

"You know, that's a neat question and I've got some thoughts on that too."(discussing honoring Jerry York) - Right out of the gate DeFilippo makes a cryptic statement regarding Mike's suggestion to rename Conte Forum "King York's Palace." GDF seemed to take the question in the joking manner in which it was intended, but his final comments as quoted above also suggest he has something in the works for honoring York. Nothing really shocking there considering the historic levels of York's success, but interesting to see GDF already thinking about honoring him (whether it is during his career or after York hangs up the proverbial skates).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Coming Week

With nothing really of note happening on the BC sports landscape today, I thought that I would fill everyone in on our plans for the upcoming week. Tomorrow morning Nick will analyze some of the more surprising parts of the GDF interview. Tuesday we will make good on our promise to provide the bracket winner with a guest post. Wednesday, Mike C. and I will likely have something on Reggie's falling draft status and for the remainder of the week Mike C. and I will try to fill out what we expect the depth chart to look like during the spring game. We're also looking to do a sit-down with a member of the women's fencing team at some point this week.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

GDF Interview Impressions

Because I conducted the GDF interview, I will not be providing the interview analysis concerning what was said. Nick will have a post analyzing what surprised him about the interview (the fact that the basketball recruiting class may not be done yet comes to mind) as well as what follow-up questions it raises sometime later this week. In the meantime, we had a reader comment or two which asked how I thought the interview went, and I thought that it would be interesting to give our readers some insight into how these interviews work and what challenges they present.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Camp Football Update: Noel to Corner

The big news out of spring camp is that Jim Noel has been taking reps at corner. He's currently been working at the boundary corner position, which in college football systems generally have fewer coverage responsibilities. The wide hash marks in the college game allow college teams to divide up their zone coverages differently. The field corner, or next season Donnie Fletcher, zone pretty much covers from one hash mark on one side of the field all the way to the boundary line on the other side. He thus covers most of the "field," and the boundary corner only has to cover a small area of the field in their zone.

Morning Coffee with Gene DeFilippo Part III

Welcome to the last part of the three part series with Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo. In a lot of ways, this segment was the most fun to do, but I also think it's the least substantive segment. In it, GDF addresses some reader questions, the possibility of BC playing football on Sundays, the idea of taking a few home games to Gillette, and whether or not the BC book store should be selling yellow body suits. Attention man in the yellow suit! This one's about you!

GDF Part I

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Morning Coffee with Gene DeFilippo Part II

I know that I promised to split the GDF interview into just two segments, but honestly there's simply too much material for me to do that so I'm going to have to split it into three posts. His thoughts on our reader questions and the man in yellow will have to come tomorrow.

Part I of the morning coffee series with Gene DeFilippo mainly concentrated on the football team. My strategy going into the first part of the interview was to ask some of the questions that I had seen other bloggers and readers raise in regards to how involved GDF was with the football team, and I was glad that GDF took the opportunity to clarify and defend his role. The second half of the interview was designed to touch a little on basketball, and to bring out, at least as far as I could in a short interview, the less formal side of GDF. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hockey Update (Finally)

Okay, so it’s been a while.  The last time I posted was giving you semi-serious NCAA hockey bracket predictions.  Now on the eve of the Frozen Four I can say my picks were far from accurate.  A lot has happened since then, and the heartbreak has only begun to heal.

Colorado College.  What to say?  I’ve obviously been thinking a lot about the absolute thrashing CC put on the Eagles.  All I can come up with is they came out and dominated at the right time.  BC looked completely out of its element.  I (and perhaps other BC fans) got so in the habit of York having the Eagles playing so strongly in March I forgot other teams can do the same.  Not much need to say anything more.  It was unfortunate, but this was still easily one of the most fun hockey teams I can remember.

Cam Atkinson.  Well there is some good news.  The Cam for Hobey video is back.  Other than that I wish him luck.  Great three years on The Heights.  Honestly I would be surprised to see him become an NHL great, but hopefully someday he will be a solid player in the league.  Wish he was coming back but I understand why he left.

Jimmy Hayes.  This one hurts the most for me.  Again I understand why he left.  I don’t think it’s any secret at this point that he was my favorite player to watch over the last 4 years.  City kid, fun to watch, seemed like a nice guy, and obviously a great player.  I’m really going to miss Hayes being in the lineup next year.  For me it’s less of losing a great talent and more of losing the guy who you look forward to watching all work/school week.  From where I'm standing, BC hockey will just not be as special without number 10 suiting up next year.  I really really hope he makes it in the NHL.  Oh and if he does make it, you can bet your 401-K on my buying a Jimmy Hayes Blackhawks jersey with the sewn-on numbers and fight strap in the back.

Sorry for the absenteeism.  Fortunately, the Mikes have been holding it down.  I’ll get some more stuff up for the Frozen Four and then transition to football/basketball/off-season posts.

NFL Draft Series - Mark Herzlich

Mark Herzlich
Position - 4-3 OLB
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 244
Draft Grade: 3rd Round
Projection: Early 3rd
Possible landing places: St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions

At this point, everyone knows Herzlich's backstory. He came on strong beginning in the second half of his sophomore year, and then absolutely blew it open his junior year, winning the ACC Defensive Player of the Year. He thought about going into the 2009 draft but decided to stay his senior year and was being billed as a top 15 pick when he was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. After a successful comeback in 2011, Herzlich is now looking to finally play in the NFL. Continue on to read more about Herzlich's NFL potential.

Morning Coffee with Gene DeFilippo Part I

The interview with Gene DeFilippo went outstanding. I met with him for nearly an hour, and then he fed me over to the head of ticketing, Greg Lynch, so that I could discuss some of BC's ideas on how to sell out Alumni Stadium this year. I will make Greg Lynch the subject of another post because I was very impressed by what he is bringing to BC, but it suffices to say that a man who can sell tickets to Lions games can make a killing here in Chestnut Hill.

GDF's office was absolutely incredible. I've been in both Father Leahy's office and now GDF's, and I have to say that GDF has Father beat hands down. I really was shocked at how accommodating GDF was to myself and this blog, and I'm sure he had better things to do today than to give a small-time blog access to his office for an hour. I'm really, really thankful for the opportunity and I hope you guys enjoy the interview.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Should There be a One Year Rule in NCAA Basketball?

Yesterday I took a shot at Gary Williams and his program's overall lousy graduation rate. Today, I want to take a look at Williams' argument that the one-year rule just doesn't make sense for college basketball. He's certainly not the only one who thinks this way, and even Dick Vitale has come out against the rule, making the point that the rule blatantly takes away from the student-athlete experience. I agree with Williams on this one for several reasons, but mainly because the rule makes an outright mockery of the idea that athletes should be full members of the colleges they represent.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ryan Avoids Madden Curse

Matty Ryan has officially avoided the Madden curse by losing to Peyton Hillis in the second round of voting for the cover of Madden '12. In case you're interested, the elite eight are Peyton Hillis, Aaron Rogers, Danny Woodhead, Jamaal Charles, Michael Vick, Pat Willis, Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson. Michael Vick has received the most votes so far, and it is likely that he will be the eventual winner.

I have to say that I'm really happy that Ryan won't have to deal with the curse, but losing to Peyton Hillis has to hurt. I mean come ON Atlanta! Get behind our boy Ryan on these internet votes.

Around the Res to Meet with GDF

I scored an interview with GDF for tomorrow afternoon! I'm really excited for this interview because I think GDF has done a very good job for a really long time at the heights. That being said, I would like to open the comments section for question submissions from our readers. I will try to work in a few thoughtful reader questions tomorrow so fire away.

Some ideas so far:

What was the decision making process for burning Chase Rettig's red-shirt like?
What ideas is the athletic department working on to build on-time student attendance for games?
Do you have a copy of the 2009 football pregame video (seriously that video was awesome)?
Any chance that BC coaches get on Boston radio programming (similar to what Roy Williams and Coach K have) any time soon?

Why Gary Williams Carries No Moral Authority

One of the former Eagles I am not a big fan of is Maryland Coach Gary Williams. He was a darn good basketball coach while he was on the heights, but that doesn't really make me like him any more, mainly because he goes hard after refs and really seems to use his status as a successful college coach to get calls for his team. What really ticks me off, though, is when Williams tries to take the high road and separate himself from the corrupt parts of the college basketball system, when he made his name by doing exactly the same thing that Calipari and other successful coaches are now doing.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bracket Winners

No one in our bracket challenge has any remaining points left so it's time to announce the winner of the guest post and the winner of the first-ever Bloggers' Cup. As a group, we were remarkably pedestrian in performance. Exactly half of our participants got into the top half of ESPN's standings. We had two participants crack the 90th percentile, although eight participants cracked the top quartile.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Donahue can Learn from Bruce Peal

Now that Bruce Pearl is officially looking for a job, I would like to step back and point out a few things the man in orange did well at the University of Tennessee. I know that Bruce Pearl is being vilified on all fronts right now, and rightfully so, but that doesn't change the fact that he was very successful in a previously unheralded SEC program. If Bruce Pearl can make it work at Tennessee, Donahue can make things work here in Chestnut Hill.

And yes, in case you're wondering, the slow news cycle is officially hitting your favorite BC blogs...

Please make the jump.

Friday, April 1, 2011

NFL Draft Series - Rich Lapham

NFL position: Right Tackle
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 320
Draft Grade: 7th/UDFA
Projection: UDFA*

*Undrafted free agents cannot sign until there is a new collective bargaining agreement

Rich Lapham came to B.C. as a four star recruit out of New Hampshire. While he never became a star, he was a three year starter at right tackle.

Make the jump for more analysis