Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Favorite BC Sport Memories

Since the Class of 2011 graduated 8 days ago, I thought this was a good time to reflect back on my time at BC (it’s already been a year since I graduated?!?) and more specifically some of my best sports related memories while in school. Before I list my top three memories and what they mean to me, I’ll be perfectly honest – I do have some bias towards football and basketball. It’s not that I dislike hockey (I really enjoyed seeing BC win 2 National Championships during my time at school) it’s just I grew up playing football and basketball so these sports mean just a little bit more to me. Without further ado, my top 3 sports related memories at BC:

1. Storming the Court vs. Duke 2/15/09 – When I think of college sports, I’ve always envisioned myself storming the court after a huge win or rushing to tear down the goal posts after a football game (this is almost impossible at BC thanks to their efforts to take down the posts .0003 seconds after every game). This game vs. Duke satisfied one of my goals. Even before I came to BC I hated Duke – I never liked them and I could always pinpoint one player I could not stand no matter what (Redick, Paulus, Singler). BC was down 5 at the half and I felt the inevitable “BC collapse” coming and Duke running away with it in the second half. As the 2nd half progressed though, BC not only was still there, they took a small lead with a few minutes to go. Then Duke took it back until BC pulled away in the final 2 minutes. As we started lining up to rush the court with 12 seconds left as Trapani was shooting FTs, I’ve never heard Conte so loud. We stormed the court and celebrated BC’s first win vs. Duke since joining the ACC. 

2. “The Miracle in Blacksburg” 10/25/07 – I wasn’t there in person for this memory but watching the end of the game with my roommates and then starting a celebration in the Mods right after, makes it ok I wasn’t there for the game. The first 55 minutes were not for the weak of heart – it was ugly football with only ten Hokie points and BC looking rather unimpressive. However, Matty Ice started the comeback with a 92 yard drive that ended with a TD pass to Gunnell and then BC recovered the onside kick. At this point, I’d like to note I went to high-five someone and accidentally missed and gave him a black eye (sorry Steve!). Once the comeback was complete (see the video for the call of the TD to Callender – I still get goosebumps watching it), Alex and I ran down from the 5th floor of Edmonds to the Mods where a spontaneous celebration started around us. People showering everyone in beer, the band showing up with Baldwin and playing For Boston, Baldwin crowd surfing, and the march to the football field. One night I will never forget. 

3.  Thursday Night Football game vs. Virginia Tech 10/12/06 - This was big time or so it was to all of us on Keyes 3 South before this game - the first big football as BC freshman. A Thursday game vs. VT under the lights and the national news of BC using Steve Aponavicius, a walk on kicker, just added to the suspense. My floor went all out for this game – our RA set up a program so we had tons of free food and our pregame started sometime around 3. We brought out the body paint – six of us each took a letter to spell E-A-G-L-E-S and we made sure to get there early to get a front row spot on the sideline to get the TV network’s attention. Well I dare say it worked as Erin Andrews (yes that Erin Andrews) came back and snapped a picture with us. The game was great – BC dominated VT and Aponavicius got to shine with 2 FG’s and 2 XP’s. 

Let's hear it in the comments - What are some of your favorite BC sports memories while you were at school?

Jim Tressel Out at THE Ohio State

Ohio State pulled a classic PR move by announcing Jim Tressel's resignation quietly on yesterday's holiday. As far as I can tell, the only way this impacts BC is through recruiting. We seem to bring a fair number of football recruits (especially the guys in the trenches) from the Midwest, and a crack in Ohio State's armor might mean one or two guys fall to BC that usually wouldn't. More importantly, what does this mean for the NCAA as a whole and how does it effect the resume of the most recognizable college football coach north of the Mason-Dixon Line?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Basketball Recruiting Roundup

Now that basketball recruiting is pretty much wrapped up, I've noticed polarizing views about this year's incoming class. While some SuperFans are gloating over having eight (EIGHT!!!) new members of the basketball team, including the Gatorade Player of the Year for California, others are taking a more pessimistic view, noticing that BC has just one player in the top 25 at his position. I happen to like this recruiting class, but I'm also a huge fan of Donahue. Let's take a look at two of the criticisms that have been floating around and see how much validity each one really has.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the Board

BC is officially on the board with its first recruit for 2012 (for those of you keeping track, red-shirts aside these guys will graduate in 2016). Win Homer, from Christchurch School in Virginia, is a 6' 5," 245 pound lineman. Homer was recruited by more than a few other ACC schools, including UVA, Va. Tech, and NC St. Does it make this a little sweeter knowing we took this guy away from TOB? You bet...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Never Too Early to Start the Kuechly Draft Watch

The coming of summer means two things for college football: previews and predictions for the upcoming year, and (very) early draft rankings for next year's class. Most of the previews are still coming, but ESPN's Mel Kiper has already released his "Big Board" for 2012 (Insider Only) and guess who shows up on the list: BC's very own Luke Kuechly at #16.

Obviously, Kiper is basically just playing a somewhat informed guessing game by putting out rankings this early, but it does show that NFL scouts will be all over Kuechly this year (as there were with Castonzo last year). Kuechly's situation will be especially interesting to follow, since he's not yet a senior and will have to make a decision to stay at BC or declare early for the draft.

Only time will tell, but Kiper's rankings are a good way to officially kick off the Kuechly draft watch. Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Recruit For Donahue

I noted way back in my analysis of Mike's interview with GDF that it seemed like he was insinuating at least one more recruit would be added later in the year. Well, that time has come — Donahue has apparently added Patrick Heckmann, a 6-5 guard from Germany, as the final piece of this year's large recruiting class. In the Skinner years, BC rarely (if ever) (Update: The guys at BC Interruption pointed out Skinner actually did recruit two foreign players in the early 00's: Ludmil Hadjisotirov—who transferred to Maine after his sophomore season—and Kirsten Zollner, who also transferred after his sophomore season, this time to Albany) dipped its toe into the international recruiting waters, so it's interesting to see Donahue doing so early on. Only time will tell if this is a recurring theme or just an example of Donahue taking the best available player regardless.

Either way, I really hope he dominates at least one game in his BC career so the opposing school's newspaper can lead the sports section with the headline "What the Heck, Mann?"

Update: After the jump I've included some YouTube videos of Heckmann from his games in Germany.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Morning Coffee with Chelsea Rosenbauer

Morning Coffee today is Chelsea Rosenbauer, a red-shirt sophomore on the women's fencing team. She has been named co-captain for next year's team with Gabi Goode to help shepherd in the class of 2015. She's incredible at fencing, just missing out on the NCAA tournament this year, and you should check out one of her matches the next time you see competitive fencing at the plex!

Chelsea is the one in the middle with all the bling.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

NFL Draft and NCAA Style of Play

I was recently reading an article by Florida State SBNation blog Tomahawk Nation, which begins a conversation I’ve been contemplating for a while.  The basic question the article raises is that of the relationship between the style of play a college team employs, and the relative success of the school’s alumni in the NFL draft.  The article attacks the question from several angles.  I wanted to pose the question to the readers.  What impact (if any) does the type of scheme a college player played in have on the way NFL teams view them?

A quick note for those who don’t read on, READ THIS POST by Iowa blog Black Heart Gold Pants.  It is easily in the top 5 sports blog posts I have ever read. Easily. I’d suggest reading the comments as they do a good job illuminating the article.  The post is an attempt to find which schools best develop player talent.  I will only reference a small part of the article – that which deals with how a college’s scheme affects it’s alumni in the Draft.

Still Alive!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but things have been busy for us (law school exams for three of us) and slow for BC (unless you count the struggling baseball team). Don't worry, though - you can expect plenty more posts this summer on Reggie's chances in the NBA draft, previews for next year's football season, and maybe even a look at that aforementioned baseball team.