Sunday, January 29, 2012

BC Falls to Miami: 76-54

This is one of the most frustrating BC games I've ever been to, which is saying a lot.  There was simply no reason for this team to lose like they did today.  We played excellent basketball for about 33 minutes today, and then got blown out of our own gym during the final seven.  And it wasn't just that we were blown out; it was how we were blown out.  Sloppy passing.  Not getting back quickly enough on defense.  Technical fouls.  Lack of energy once we got behind 10.  Just unacceptable from a team that is supposed to be bringing a new attitude to the heights. 


  • I thought that Caudill played better than expected today with increased minutes, but he definitely tired out as the game wore on.  I'm a little surprised at how much PT he got, but I guess someone had to guard Johnson once Clifford got himself into foul trouble.
  • Lonnie Jackson is a really emotional player, and drives hard to the basket.  When he hits the floor he has to do a better job of getting up and getting back in the action, though.  Every second he sits there wondering where the foul is is one more second his team mates are playing a man down on the other end.   
  • While I'm on the subject of Jackson, his technical today was completely uncalled for.  You could definitely argue that the ref was a little quick to call the technical, but the bottom line here is that some players have earned the right to give the refs a little bit of lip, and Jackson simply isn't one of them.  He got a warning last week, and a technical this week.  Donahue said in the post-game that we won't see Jackson get another T this year, but right now we have a pattern developing.
  • I don't think that John Carney played that badly today, I'm just a little confused as to why he's getting playing time when we seemingly have so many better options on the bench.  My guess is that Clifford couldn't play because of foul trouble and KC was winded, so Carney is the third option.  He didn't do anything that poorly besides air-ball a wide open jumper, but he didn't really do much that made me want to see him play more.
  • I know I say this every game, but Moton is such a solid player for BC.  I honestly still think he's better than Daniels, even though Daniels is way faster, more athletic, and has a better shot.  Moton is just really good at maximizing the abilities of his team mates in the half court offense, which is something you really look for in a point guard. The obvious problem with Moton is the lack of points.
  • Humphrey played well today, but he might want to think about toning down his celebrations a tab.  Screaming "F--- yeah" in the face of a defender after he sinks a three doesn't sit well with me.  I'm not saying that things aren't said between players during the heat of the game, but screaming it for all the fans to hear is more off-color than what I expect from a player who is supposed to be representing Boston College.
  • This team has to overcome its glass chin.  One unanswered run of 5-7 points by the opposing team and suddenly the wheels come off time and time again.  Donahue says it's a combination of physically being unable to compete for 40 minutes and having the mental capability to pick things up when they seem to be going wrong.  We simply have to get tougher.


  • It seemed like the game plan going in was to run the ball up the court on offense as much as possible.  Miami had some slower players on the court, and BC has a tendency to go too much east-west on offense in the half-court, so I thought that was a really great strategy. 
  • Caudill always looks a little panicky when he gets the ball outside the paint, but just when you think he's going to travel or turn the ball over, he finds a guy cutting to the basket for a really nice assist.  He's definitely going to be a solid backup for Clifford over the next four years.
  • Clifford still puts the ball on the floor way too often.  Frankly, he's not strong enough to back defenders further into the paint yet, so once he gets the ball, he's better off making a quick decision on how to score or where to pass.
  • Humphrey is playing with way more vision when he brings the ball up the court than he was earlier in the year.  His shot also has more rotation on it, which seems to be improving his percentage.
  • Our guys have a tendency to pass the ball softly to Daniels on the perimeter, which leads to steals and turnovers.  In general, I think BC is pretty sloppy passing the ball, and that needs to change if they're going to compete for 40 minutes.


  • Caudill's size was definitely a plus when it came to guarding Johnson, who is bigger than some of the linemen on the Miami football team. 
  • BC did a really nice job on the defensive boards early.  Miami seemed to completely concede the rebounds to the Eagles in order to get back on defense.  I think this was a mistake because Miami is wayyyy bigger than BC. 
  • We took a lot of pride in defending well for 33 minutes today.  I've never seen a BC team take pride in their work on the defensive end of the floor like the guys did today.  Excellent, excellent job contesting every single possession. Once the wheels started coming off we really stopped executing.
Overall, I'm really disappointed with this team right now.  At a bare minimum, we should have competed for 40 minutes today.  If we physically can't do it, that's one thing, but the mental lapses and poor mentality when things go wrong is beginning to get to me.  The NC State game on Wednesday should certainly be interesting.

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