Monday, January 23, 2012

Bryce Jones Commits

Cleveland Heights football player Bryce Jones has committed to BC, hoping to become the 15th member of this year's recruiting class.  At 5'-11" and 160, Jones was technically recruited as an athlete, but all indications are that he will play strong-side CB on defense.  Air Force, Army, UMass, and Northern Illinois were all reportedly interested in Jones.  Several Big East schools showed medium interest but none of them extended offers. 

You never like to trade three star guys for two star guys as BC seems to be doing this week, but I think that Jones is a solid pickup.  In my mind, BC is never going to have the most talented football team in the ACC, and so we need to make up for that by signing guys who really fit what BC is all about.  The fact that Jones was recruited by Air Force and Army indicates that he has exceptionally strong character and would be a good addition to this locker room.  Again, I'm really concerned about the talent level of this incoming class, but as far as two-star pickups are concerned, I think Jones is better than most.


  1. Ecellent points: If Air Force and Army have recruited you, your character, intelligence and leadership capability are strong.

  2. Well, I think you gave a balanced view of this signing. Is he an elite player? No, and he probably won't ever be more than part-timer. Good kid? Sounds like it.

    This class is a nightmare. Is Daniels going to enroll? I read somewhere that he had academic issues. The only thing that surprises me is that some of the young guys from last year's class haven't explored the option of transferring. When you're competing with military academies, FCS schools, etc. for's embarrassing.

    When the administration finally pulls the plug on Spaz (and Gene, hopefully), BC's graduation rate is going to have to take a hit - some of these kids will need to be jettisoned. Any top-dollar coach (which is what BC needs), is going to want the ability to pull some scholarships. That's just a reality in big time athletics. Everyone always launches the "rankings mean nothing" argument. Obviously, that's bolstered by some kids in the past who have gone from zero (stars) to hero. But you have to remember, that's the exception. BC is signing kids that nobody else wants, and I think we can all agree that's not because we have a bunch of geniuses on the sidelines.


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