Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BC 64 FSU 60

Wow.  What a game tonight.  It was overall a very bizarre night, starting with the sax quartet that did the national anthem and going through an unlikely BC barrage of threes to end the first half.  BC overcame a terrible Clifford performance, a strange technical by Humphrey, and several highly questionable calls by the refs to put together what will likely be the signature win for this program this year.

If I told you in December that BC would beat a ranked team this year you would have laughed.


  • Again, the biggest problem with this team is what happens when things start going wrong.  You can just see guys starting to lose their cool.  When that happens, I think it would be best for Donahue to just start making substitutions.  These guys are next to useless when they start playing frustrated, and our problems just start compounding when that happens.  Tonight almost never happened because BC was only a bucket or two away from getting run out of their own gym within the first five or six minutes. 
  • The more I watch Matt Humphrey, the more impressed I am.  I think he is in serious consideration for the most improved player of the year on this team.  His improvements go overlooked a lot because we all thought he would be a pretty finished product by the start of the year because of the transfer.  Obviously that wasn't the case, but he's starting to improve his shooting percentage, he leads this team on defense, and he has added the ability to drive in the paint.  He might accelerate the development of this team if he continues to make things happen on offense.  
  • Of course, Humphrey's technical foul was completely uncalled for and very well could have cost us the game down the stretch.  Maturity is a recurring issue for this team and Matt needs to lead by example here. 
  • Donahue really shook up his rotations tonight with Carney and Visockas.  He was really pumped in the post-game interview by the minutes they gave the team, but between the two of them they had zero points and three rebounds over 20 minutes.  Additionally, I also thought they slowed the flow of the offense a little.
  • We were outscored 19-0 on bench points tonight.  Obviously we pulled out a great win, but we need the subs to contribute a bit more offensively.
  • Most of our offense tonight depended on us making a lot of threes.  We couldn't do much in the paint, and most of the calls didn't go our way when we tried to aggressively drive.  It's incredibly that the offense worked at all without Clifford, but it just shows that no one is irreplaceable in Donahue's system.
  • Daniels has gotten a lot better protecting the ball over the past few weeks.  19 points, 5 assists, and 1 turnover tonight; he might be the best pure point guard BC's had in several years.  I really think he'll be better than Rice by the time he graduates.  His biggest downfall all year has been his propensity for turning the ball over, and he seems to be finally turning the corner on that front.  If he continues on this track, he'll stop splitting minutes with Moton immediately.
  • 60 of BC's 64 points came from just four players tonight; Daniels, Humphrey, Jackson, and Anderson.  Can't argue with the results but that won't cut it long term. 
  • Again, free throws almost lost it for this team.  We hit 69.6%, which isn't bad for us, but there's still room for improvement, and we struggled in the bonus.
  • There are two guys I trust to create their own shot right now; Matt Humphrey and Jordan Daniels. 

  • I really love the intensity that we play with on defense, especially in the first half.  We may never be as talented as some of the teams in the ACC, and we're going to need that blue-collar buckle-down D in order to compete and win a lot of games in this conference. 
  • Our defense was not very good in the paint today.  We need to have the ability to stop guys in the paint when Clifford is having an off night.  I don't understand why FSU struggled scoring in the second half without Clifford on the floor.
  • We held FSU to 37.5% shooting tonight.  We've won every ACC game this year in which we've held the opponent to under .400 shooting.  Defense wins games for this team.  We got really lucky in the first half with some hot shooting, but earned it in the second half by playing solid defense. 
Only 4,074 showed up to see the Eagles win tonight.  BC has two road games against Virginia Tech and Maryland before they come back home against Duke.  Hopefully BC gets their first road win of the season Saturday in Blacksburg!

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