Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BC Fans All Too Familiar with Linsanity

Your average sports fan probably hadn't heard of Jeremy Lin until he began his remarkable rise to prominence against the New Jersey Nets on February 4—indeed, his previous obscurity is what makes this story so fun.

Longtime BC fans, however, may not be as surprised as the rest of the country that the undrafted Harvard grad is performing so well, since the Eagles got a nice preview of Linsanity way back in 2009. Coming off an upset of then-#1-ranked UNC in Chapel Hill, BC had no answer for the future star Knicks point guard, who posted 27 points, 3 rebounds, and 8 assists in an 82-70 beatdown of the Eagles. And yes, that score was as bad as it looks—trust me, I was at the game and utterly baffled.

But BC fans weren't the only ones who came away baffled at how some unheard-of Harvard point guard could put such a beating on what was at that point a very strong ACC team. In fact, as Lin's former teammate Drew Housman explains to, Lin's own teammates couldn't quite believe how impressive their point guard was either:
Everything came to a head after the Boston College game.

That game marked Jeremy’s first foray onto the national stage. He single-handedly dismantled Boston College, a team that had recently defeated the number one team in the country. He was sensational. This was the first case of Linsanity gripping a group of people. We jubilantly chanted his name on the shuttle ride back to campus.

There were a few clips on SportsCenter about the game. At the time, being on TV at all was the zenith of recognition for a Harvard basketball player. The team watched the clips over and over, awed that we were actually on ESPN. That one game catapulted Jeremy, however briefly, into the national consciousness. It injected the whole program with a sense of optimism. 
What does this all mean for BC? Basically nothing. But when Jeremy Lin started scoring 20 points a game and taking over Twitter, those who attended or watched that BC-Harvard game probably flashed back to the first time "Linsanity" ruled the day.

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