Monday, February 13, 2012

BC Hires Smith, Washington

Boston College replaced two more coaches today, hiring Aaron Smith, the wide receiver's coach at Columbia, for the same position here, and Al Washington, the LB coach at Elon University, to help coach the struggling defensive line. 

I wasn't too surprised with the Washington hire.  He seems to have been a well-regarded player at BC; someone who always worked hard enough that he was able to truly maximize his potential.  BC is a very particular place to coach, and not everyone is cut out for coaching in an academic environment with a somewhat fickle fan base, but Washington will have the added advantage of really understanding BC before he even steps foot in his office.  Plus, I think it's always great when we can hire our own alumni.  Again, we're taking a young, hungry coach and putting him with a unit which has been under achieving.  I see very little downside to that.

Aaron Smith is a very interesting hire.  I'm very concerned about the fact that we're hiring a five year assistant from Columbia for a lateral position.  Columbia.  That being said he seems to have done some decent work there and is described as having "tremendous potential and a bright future" by the current Columbia head coach.  Also, Smith was in charge of recruiting for the Ivy League school, so expect to see him hitting the trail for the Eagles.  For kicks I went onto ESPN to see what Columbia has recruiting-wise, and they actually have three 3-star guys coming in this year, fresh off a sparkling 1-9 season in which their only win was an OT victory over Brown. 

Frankly, BC would never get three 3-stars if we finished 1-9.  Not in a million years.  This is a long way of saying I have no idea how this hire is going to work out.  I say 20% chance of it being a home run, 60% chance of it not making a difference in our W-L record next year, and a 20% chance of Smith contracting some vague health problems at the end of the year and requesting medical leave.

I also think it is interesting that BC lost two coaches on offense and one on special teams but hired one special teams coach, one offensive coach, and one defensive coach.  My guess is that BC might be looking to bring someone else aboard. 

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