Friday, February 10, 2012

Major BC Football Shakeup

With two more departures from the BC football staff today, BC has lost three offensive coaches this week.  Former offensive coordinator Dave Brock and current running backs coach Ben Sirmans are on their way to Rutgers while Ryan Day appears to be headed for the vacant offensive coordinator position at Temple.  Some coaching losses were expected with the hiring of Doug Martin, but these departures are significantly delayed, and will raise questions about the stability of the program as a whole.  Were there personality clashes with the new OC?  Did Martin simply want to bring in people he was more comfortable with?  Did Spaz suddenly decide to clean house?  Why were these coaches seemingly intent on leaving, even if it was to a lateral position at a lesser program?

Let's break down what BC lost here:

Dave Brock: BC lost Dave Brock the second it hired Doug Martin.  Dave Brock is a decent offensive coordinator who was never going to be given the opportunity to prove that what he accomplished at Kansas State wasn't just a fluke.  For whatever reason, Spaz didn't think that Brock was cut out to be an OC, and so he can't be too upset that Brock wants to find a program which will give him a chance to further resurrect his career.  No one dreams of becoming a special teams coach one day. 

Ryan Day:  Easily the most important of the three.  Day basically ran the sidelines while BC was on offense for the past several years.  He seems to be the most emotional coach we have on the field, and he isn't afraid to get in the faces of guys who aren't performing.  Word on the street is that this rubbed some guys the wrong way at times, which is why there didn't seem to be an extensive player-lobbying for Day after Tranq left.  Again, I don't know exactly how extensive that sentiment was, but I have been told over the years that some guys just didn't like playing for him. 

That being said, I always thought Day was a great coach who wasn't afraid to hold guys accountable.  He's considered a great, young offensive mind, but for whatever reason (conspiracy theorists will say Spaz doesn't want a readily accessible replacement waiting in the wings) he wasn't going to get the opportunity to be an OC at Boston College.  Keep an eye on Day.  There was never any doubt that Day would eventually become an OC, and he might come back to the heights as head coach one day.

Ben Sirmans:  Our running backs always seemed to play well under Sirmans, and RB play is not something I take for granted after suffering through two years where Matt Ryan had to basically pass on every down.  Of course, Sirmans was not able to recruit an RB this year, which calls into question his recruiting capabilities (he did deliver Haden and Harris), but I was satisfied overall with the job he was doing here. 

This is the most troubling departure, because Sirmans is leaving for a similar position at a lesser program.  Was he just great friends with Brock or is there something deeper going on here?  Listen, I'm great friends with a lot of guys but I wouldn't take lesser jobs to work with any of them.  This leads me to believe that something deeper is going on here that could come out in the next few days.


  1. I'd just like to note that Sirmans has the rep of being probably the best recruiter on staff. He was responsible for the all important Ohio/western PA region that has brought a good percentage of the LB talent in - kuechly, daniels, duggan as well as a good percentage of the DL talent.

    Just to take a look at his recruits over the years:

  2. Brock, Sirmans and the other 2 were the strength of this staff. Unfortunately, the HC has lost respect of the coaching staff, players and recruits. This staff recruited relentlessly but you can't make any decent recruit want to come to play for the HC. If they would have gotten rid of him at the end of the season, then they might have had a chance to salvage the 2012 recruiting class. Hopefully they did exit interviews with the assistant coaches and asked 3 long term commits why the chose to go elsewhere.


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