Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Recap

Here are my thoughts on the weekend happenings at BC, in no particular order:

Anderson dunking on Duke like it's no big deal.

  • First, please take a moment to think about Franco Garcia, BC 2012, who went missing this weekend.  We hope for his safe return.
  • The BC basketball team looked tired Saturday against Wake Forrest.  There was no energy, no defensive rotation, no sense of urgency.  Honestly that was the worst game that this team has played all year, and was likely the worst BC game of the Donahue era.  WF had two guys who could score, and BC still couldn't figure out how to put a hand in their faces.  There were at least three points in the second half where a WF player got a shot off without a BC player being within ten feet of him.  Absolutely unreal. 
  • That game made me so upset that I couldn't even think about blogging until this morning.  I knew we couldn't expect a smooth ride with a bunch of freshman, but I was hoping that the regression wouldn't be this bad.  Hopefully this team gets that last win sometime in the next three games, but I honestly think they might be done for the year at this point.  
  • LK ripped up the combine, where I predicted that he would struggle.  Just goes to show that you can't overlook LK.  That being said, I still don't think he gets drafted before the Eagles.  He's a 4-3 LB, and most teams in the league don't run that scheme.  Additionally, if you're drafting in the top 15, I think you are hard pressed to take an ILB when there are so many quality OTs, QBs, and OLBs available. 
  • In fact, over the past four NFL drafts, only two ILBs have been taken in the first round; Rolando McClain (8th overall 2010) and Jerod Mayo (10th overall 2008).  Of those two, Mayo has made a Pro Bowl and McClain is not living up to his 1st round expectations.  It might be worth noting that Mayo plays in a 3-4 and McClain plays in a 4-3. 
  • I think LK could adapt well to a 3-4 scheme, especially since he had lots of practice dodging O-lineman at BC, I just think that we need to be realistic about the odds of him being a top-10 pick.  He is a great bet at 15, but I just don't see a GM staking his reputation on a 4-3 ILB from BC in the top 10.  Would love to see it happen though...
  • The hockey team crushed Providence College this weekend.  I might be the last one in the world to jump on the Milner band-wagon, but I'm officially on.  He finally looks like he's hitting a hot streak that BC can hopefully ride to the Frozen Four. 
  • BC was really proud to have catcher Tony Sanchez go high in the first round to the Pirates a few years ago, but the alum's career is not getting off to a promising start.  He missed a lot of time in 2010, and had a slow 2011, but now word is out that he broke his jaw a few months ago in a bar fight.  I don't know how I didn't know about this earlier, and I apologize if one of the other BC blogs broke it already.  The last thing Sanchez needs is character questions on top of his struggles on the field.
  • While we're on the subject, BC baseball is off to a hot start this year.  It's difficult for this team to do well early because of the incredibly long road trips they have to start the year with by nature of the fact that it's usually winter in Boston well into April.  2009 was an incredible, incredible year for BC baseball, and I would love to see this team replicate the excitement that surrounded the '09 season.  I will definitely be showing up to the games this year to catch some sun and to watch one of our last years at Shea Field.
  • I really think that BC could be a solid baseball school once we get the mini-stadium across the street built.  My sense is that there's enough student enthusiasm to drawn decent support when the team is winning, and hopefully the athletic department can capitalize on Boston cabin-fever to get students to turn out. 

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  1. It's one thing to loose games because of inexperience when you start 4 freshman but the lack of energy and enthusiasm is worrying to me. I can't blame them for being gun-shy around the better ACC programs but I expected that they would give it a better effort against a team with the same record as us.


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