Monday, March 12, 2012

Around the Res Bracket Challenge

Last year's bracket challenge produced what is likely the best post of all time on this blog, so of course we're going to do this again.  Just go to, a search for the group "Around the Res Challenge" to sign up and compete against other BC fans.  We're also going to try and convince other BC sports bloggers to compete in the Bloggers' Cup once more.  Defending his Bloggers' Cup title is our very own Mike C., who placed in the 84th percentile last year.  Of course, that didn't even come close to touching overall champ M. Clayton's bracket, which ended up in the 97th percentile.

Also, I hate making fun of Ralph because he's, well, two or three times my size, but the 6th percentile?  6th???  I mean you could seriously pick a bracket better by flipping a coin in the air.  I expect better from you this year big guy. 

To create a little incentive, we'll offer the same deal as last year: win it all and we'll give you a guest post. 

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  1. Not to worry, Ill take care of business again.


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