Thursday, March 8, 2012

BC Loses to NC State 78-57

BC dropped a winnable game to NC State today, losing 78-57 in a contest that was much closer than the score indicates.  BC played pretty well on the defensive end, holding NC State to under .400 for large portions of the contest, but the Baby Eagles were plagued once again with turnovers, poor foul shooting, and an inability to box out at key moments.

The next time we see the Eagles in game-action will be in August, when the team plays a few games in Europe.


  • The bottom line is that this team simply isn't very fun to watch right now.  They're making stupid mistakes with the ball, stupid mistakes away from the ball, and aren't playing as a team.  Bluntly put, we were hoping to see more progress from this team at this point in the year, but it just isn't happening. 
  • After today, I'm honestly not sure that we will have the same five starters next year.  Humphrey, Anderson, and Clifford are no-brainers right now, am I'm 75% sure that Daniels will be a starter as well.  I just don't know about Lonnie right now.  I think he has a 60% chance of remaining a starter but his defense was suspect today, and he has four turnovers to one assist.
  • There were a lot of ticky-tack, dumb fouls on the Eagles today.  A lot of that was the refereeing crew.  I am not a fan of ACC officiating.  I know this is the conspiracy theorist in me, but I sometimes get the feeling that some teams in the conference get preferential treatment; bubble teams, teams looking for number one seeds...Like I said, it's totally the conspiracy theorist in me, but I can't help but feel that we get hosed every time we meet a bubble team in the tournament.  At one point today someone basically took a swing at Clifford and the ref called the foul on Clifford.  Completely inexplicable.
  • Dennis Clifford was very quiet today.  He went 3-5 with six points, which I'm not going to argue with, but we need more than three rebounds per game from our starting center.
  • Anderson obviously had a great day today with 22 points and 12 rebounds.  There's just no doubt that he has future All-ACC written all over him.  He has the size and strength where he's not afraid to mix it up and take tough shots in the paint.  I think we'll see a few games with him in the 30s next year.  There's no question that if he stays at BC for a healthy four years that he will get 1,000 points.
  • Our strategy on offense was a little too perimeter-based early on.  We just couldn't create shots outside, and compounded the problem by forcing things early in the shot-clock.  
  • We need to get more out of Caudill next year.  He looked quite good early in the year when he could really out-muscle lesser competition, but he simply doesn't have the quickness to keep up with ACC big-men right now.
  • Turnovers.  I just don't know what to say about 19 turnovers.  You can't expect to win if you can't take care of the ball.  It was just stupid, stupid, stupid mistakes and I really don't know what to say other than that.  If this team can't fix the stupid mistakes, it will never be good.  The most frustrating part about it is that these are mistakes that Donahue can't out-teach.  I mean, what's he going to say? "Don't throw the ball five feet over Caudill's head?  Don't throw the ball right at the other team???"
  • NC State was not shooting the ball well today, but BC helped the Wolfpack out by giving up a lot of open shots off screens on the perimeter.  We had Jackson and Humphrey on Wood, and he still scored 22 on just 11 shots.  That was really killer.  
  • We did have five steals tonight, which was nice.  We couldn't buy a steal earlier in the year.  Of course, NC State had 11 steals. 
  • Again, Clifford's three boards are just not going to be enough for us to win games.
The big thing moving forward is for this team is to start putting on muscle.  The only thing that concerns me about their Euro-tour is that it takes them out of the weight room for a significant amount of time.  Everyone on this team needs to put on like 15 pounds of muscle, while keeping their cardio going, which is a tall task. 

Now, the big questions start emerging, especially in terms of what Rahon and Hanlan's respective roles on this team will be next year.  Will BC start both freshman next year?  Red-shirt both freshmen?

Hopefully these guys make their way to the weight room starting tomorrow morning.  They need the work.


  1. Any chance you guys could grab a "Morning Coffee" with Matt Humphrey? How he felt about his growth this season and what his goals are for the off-season and next year?

  2. They could be called the 5o's team because everytime I look they score in the 50 point range. We need rebounding help desperately and we have two guards coming in. Doesn't make me feel giddy about getting more rebounds next year. And if the turnovers continue, they could have Bill Russell out there and it wouldn't make much difference.


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