Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Does Basketball Need Another Recruit?

The Boston College men's basketball team currently has four open scholarships.  Two are pledged to incoming recruits Olivier Hanlan and Joe Rahon, but Coach Donahue still has the option of bringing one or two additional new players aboard if he chooses.  At the end of next season, BC will gain only one opening with the graduation of soon-to-be senior Matt Humphrey, meaning that depending on what Donahue decides to do this year, next year's class will be between one and three men.

Currently, we have two centers, two forwards, and five guards on scholarship.  The biggest hole on this team right now is certainly forward.  Behind Anderson stands Eddie Odio, who appears to be at least another year away from being a solid bench player.  If Anderson had to miss any significant time right now, my best guess is that Heckmann, though listed as a guard, would fill a majority of the minutes.  Playing four guards at the same time makes for an awfully small lineup.  Both entering freshmen will play at guard, giving Donahue seven guys who can play the position.

All of this leads me to believe that BC will either sign a forward this year, or stand pat with the players currently signed.  Jerron Wilbut is the one intriguing option at left shooting guard, and might be a small upgrade over both Rahon and Jackson, but ESPN does not currently show him holding an open offer from the Eagles. 

If we could sign someone similar to Travis Hammond or Anthony January, I would be thrilled.  Hammond, who currently holds an 88 grade from ESPN, will likely not turn into a Ryan Anderson, but would be the type of player who could give us solid minutes off the bench in his first season.  Think of a freshmen with a polish similar to Jordan Daniels; certainly not a finished project, but definitely someone you could plug in for ten minutes a game without the offense coming to a screeching halt.  Hammond is also known for his shooting, which means he should be able to quickly transition into Donahue's offense.

It seems unlikely that we will be a major player for Anthony January, who might be the ideal fit for this team.  His ESPN grade of 92 matches Ryan Anderson's, and he would have a legitimate shot at becoming a four-year starter at BC.  Having him on the court at the same time as Anderson would be a dream, and would greatly accelerate our rebuilding project.  I don't think it would be a stretch to say that he could make a small impact on our W-L record.

If Donahue continues to play three guards at all times, it is likely that any forward we sign, aside from January, will be predominantly a bench player until his senior season.  I think this takes some of the pressure off the coaching staff to sign a guy who can come in and make a difference right away. 

Given that we seem to be building towards a deep tournament run in March of 2015, it might make sense to sign another player who will be a junior during that campaign.  Are there any other names that BC fans might be interested in bringing to Chestnut Hill?


  1. Wouldn`t it be worth it to go the Junior College route for a power forward and cover the recruiting gap for the next two years, when Steve can recruit true freshman forwards?

  2. Possibly...is there anyone in JC that might be a good fit?


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