Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ATL Killing it on Football

ATL has been hitting the nail on the head recently as to why BC fans are so upset with the current state of the football team.  It's not just about the wins and losses, it's that Spaz was brought in to "build a program" and instead seems to be aimlessly wandering through recruiting, coaching hires, and practices.  There is no innovation when it comes to the fan experience, no discernible effort to market the BC brand outside of the immediate Boston area, and generally no sense that "Ever to Excel" should actually mean something.

More Empty Seats Please!

For example, look at recruiting.  ATL made the point that there is a prototypical base from which every class should be drawn.  I'm not saying that this will work every year, but at least it's a plan, which is more than I can say for BC right now.  Our two biggest areas on weakness last year were D-Line and RB.  We took one defensive lineman, who may turn out to be a great player, but his only other offer was from Temple.  Similarly, we took one RB, who only drew interest from UConn and Maryland, receiving offers from neither of them.  Again, I hope both of these guys turn out to be great players, but there's nothing like putting all your eggs in one basket here.  It's just difficult to swallow the official line from the AD's office that one of the several problems with Jags was that he wasn't very interested in recruiting when his successor brings BC recruiting to lows we haven't seen since the 90s. 

There just isn't any question that Spaz isn't the long-term answer here and the sooner we make a change, the sooner we can move on.  Just wait until we play Miami in the fall and let's see how this team has progressed against Al Golden's squad.


  1. Football in the Fall is the best time of the year. Yet, I find myself dreading the upcoming Fall season and find myself wondering if we can win ANY game this year. I'm a product of the 1960-64 era when we were bad but somehow it seemed less sad maybe because we weren't trying to be big time. Now, we want to be a top 25 team, have no chance of getting there and the management and AD appear clueless. I hear Spaz is a good man and many people like him. You know what, I'll like him just as much when we have a real coach and a recruitor who works effectively at it. I wish him the best and hope he settles into retirement before the environment at BC becomes totally toxic.
    BC got lucky with Flutie who put us on the world map. Would he coach at BC? Recruit for BC? I don't know but I'd sure ask him.

    1. I'll probably repeat this 15 times between now and 2013, but 99% of BC fans fall into two categories right now. First group are the ones who are actively making their frustration known and are calling for Spaz & GDF's heads because the current situation is unacceptable. The second group are just so beaten down there's nothing but apathy and assumption that things won't get better. Normally there should be a segment of a fan base that likes the team, is excited to play games, and is proud to be a fan of the program and thinks the school is doing a great job. That group is nearly non-existent. There might be somebody's Mom who hasn't paid attention that fits that mold, but anyone who pays attention feels differently.

      You can never prove what a different coach would have signed in recruiting, or what a different OC or O-Line coach would have done for wins & losses the last 3 years, or what some would have happened without some injuries, bad bounces, and bad officiating. But its impossible to deny that all BC football fans feel alienated and that no one would say "Hey BC you're doing great I am so excited for the future."

      Those two feelings, apathy & anger, are harder to swallow than the losses themselves.


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