Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 Bold Predictions for BC Football

I might be using the word "bold" a little loosely here but these are five predictions for the upcoming season that I think might surprise the average BC fan.  Season predictions on wins and losses to come later this week.

  1. The offense finishes the year ranked higher nationally than the defense.  Chase Rettig is in his third year.  The offensive line appears to be coming together.  We have a stable of young running backs and several competent wide receivers.  At this point, the biggest concern on offense has to be tight end, and I can't say that BC's offense has targeted tight ends that much over the past few years.  Combine this with a new offensive coordinator who seems capable of implementing an offense tailored to the talent on the team and I think we have a formula for success.  On the flip side of the ball, you have to be concerned about the lack of depth on the defensive line.  We have great linebackers, but if the guys up front can't keep the O-Line from getting to the second level, there's not much that KPL and Divitto can do. 
  2. Alex Amidon finishes with 800+ all purpose yards.  This seems ridiculous at first because BC managed only 2,000 total passing yards in 2011.  However, there's no question that we will be throwing the ball more this year, that Rettig will be a better pocket passer, and that injuries to Swigert and Pantale could open up more opportunities for Amidon.
  3. Spaziani finishes the year with his job.  Not the calendar year, but certainly the football year.  There just isn't any sense in firing Spaziani part way through the year unless BC wants to give someone from within the program the opportunity to try out for the head coaching position.  Could you imagine the backlash if BC decided to promote from within after firing Spaziani?  Neither could I, which is why it won't happen.  Spaz finishes the year and then retires. 
  4. No BC running back tops 1000 yards.  Simple math.  Part of the reason Harris was able to accumulate the numbers he did was because he had very little competition for carries in his first few years at Boston College.  We are going to be throwing more and have three competent guys to hand it off to.  Frankly, I'd be surprised, but not shocked, if any of the three accumulated more than 750 rushing yards.
  5. The secondary has more sacks than the defensive line.  It isn't any secret that our defensive line has struggled to create consistent pressure for the past few years.  However I'm holding out hope that we will blitz more this year and open up some opportunities for our secondary to get free shots on the QB.

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  1. I agree with 1-3. I like the way the offense is going this year, and with Bobby Lee Swigert out for 6 weeks (eff you Spaz), Amidon is poised for some nice games, assuming Chase does what I think he can do and Spaz doesn't get in the way.

    I think that Andre rushes for 1,000 this year.

    And I can't comment on the line vs secondary, but I can only hope that we get some push from our d-line.


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