Thursday, September 13, 2012

Could Northwestern be a Must-Win for Spaz?

It's really early in the season to be talking about "must-win" games, but I wonder what the odds of Spaz keeping his job are if the Eagles fall to Northwestern on Saturday.  I'm not saying that he will be immediately fired, but I am operating under the assumption that Spaz will not be back next year if we do not go to a bowl.  While a loss to Northwest wouldn't preclude bowl eligibility, it would certainly make things more complicated at 1-2. 

Our remaining schedule after Northwestern looks like this:

Florida State
Georgia Tech
Wake Forrest
Notre Dame
Virginia Tech
NC State

With nine remaining games after a loss to Northwestern, we would need to go 5-4 to finish out at an even 6-6.  Immediately, I see Army, Maryland, Wake Forrest, and NC State as games that we are highly likely to win.  Even though Maryland has been showing signs of life lately, it seems far-fetched to think that a win against Temple at home really signals a turn-around in College Park. 

Clemson, Florida State, Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech are games that I think are reaches for this team at this point.  Could we win one?  Sure.  But you know that if BC is able to pull off an improbable win against one of these four we will have an inexplicable loss against any of Maryland, Wake Forrest, or NC State.

This leaves Georgia Tech, which I think is a feasible upset.  I would not want to bet my career on having to go down to Atlanta and beat the triple option, but that's exactly what Spaz will be looking at if he loses this week.

A loss to Northwestern won't seal Spaz's fate, but it would certainly narrow the number of ways we can achieve bowl eligibility this year.

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  1. It may or may not have been a must-win, but it definitely makes the bowl math harder and TBH, with the way they've played in the first three games, I'm not confident in getting to a bowl anymore. Three games in one of the more doable stretches of the schedule and they were sub-par against Miami, average at best against Maine, and pretty lousy against NU. Unfortunately we're not beating much of anyone if they keep playing like this.


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