Monday, September 17, 2012

New Head Coach Power Rankings

It's that time of year again (as in we're three games into the season)!  With an uninspired loss to Northwestern, it looks like the Eagles are highly unlikely to be bowl eligible this year, again.  It's honestly a matter of time before Spaz gets fired or retires.  I've done some preliminary research into possible replacement candidates, but if you have other names you would like to see considered, feel free to use the comment section.

  1. Paul Chryst:  The man can beat Virginia Tech, so what more needs to be said?  I honestly wondered a little about Chryst after that 0-2 start, but Pitt is a house of horrors for head coaches these days.  The frequent coaching turnovers have made recruiting and player retention exceptionally difficult.  There's simply no reason for players to sign on to Pitt.  If you were going to play in the ACC, why would you play at Pitt?  If you were going to play in your home state of Pennsylvania, again, why would you chose Pitt over Penn State, even with the sanctions?  I think that Chryst would be a perfect fit for BC.  He seems like he can recruit, he can definitely run an offense, and he has certainly shown that he can beat ranked opponents.  My only worry here is that the ACC will likely put a lot of pressure on BC not to upend the Pitt program, again, with a coaching change.  Another coaching change would be devastating to a program which is already stumbling into the ACC.
  2. Butch Jones:  I think I'm the only one on this guy's bandwagon right now but people need to pay attention to what's happening in Cincinnati.  In three years at Central Michigan, Jones was 8-6, 8-5, and 11-2.  Three years into the Cincinnati job, Jones is 4-8, 10-3, and 2-0.  A lot of people are going to discredit what Jones did at Cincinnati by claiming that Brian Kelly left him a great program.  A program so great that it went 4-8 in year one?  Have I mentioned that one of Cincinnati's two wins this year came against Pitt and that they play Virginia Tech next week?
  3. Bud Foster:  I was more excited about Bud Foster last year.  Virginia Tech's penchant for choking can't be all Frank Beamer's fault.  Furthermore, if Foster shows any type of success at BC you know it's just a matter of time before Beamer retires and Tech reclaims their man.  That being said, the Tech defense is typically sound enough to place the team in the top 20 and Beamer easily has another five or six years left in him.  If the next head coach gives us a solid five or six years and leaves a solid base behind him before seeking greener pastures isn't that a win for BC?
  4. Mike Sherman:  It's a strange year when you get fired from Texas A&M but are then in serious contention for an NFL head coaching position, but that is exactly what happened last year for Mike Sherman.  Sherman has always been considered a good offensive mind and he definitely proved that he can recruit at TAMU.  The question with Sherman is whether he can adapt to the college game.  His team last year was best known for preseason national championship hype and epic chokes in the second half.  Sherman seems like he's been around forever, but he's only 57 and is a Boston native.  They might be a great landing place as his last head coaching gig.  In four years at TAMU, Sherman went 4-8, 6-7, 9-4, and 6-6.  The 6-6 season is what got him fired, but of the six losses, five were against ranked opponents.
  5. Mario Cristobal:  Would you trust a man whose best accomplishment is an 8-5 season at FIU?  I would, mainly because FIU plays a surprisingly tough schedule for a historically bad Sun-Belt Conference team.  This year, for example, they start off playing Duke, Akron, UCF, and Louisville.  For the record, they played UCF better than we did last year.  They might even be better than we were last year.  This is a football program that only began in 2002, and Cristobal has already taken them to two bowl games in his five season at the helm.  This would be a risky hire but the payoff could be big.
  6. Steve Addazio:  Everyone hates Steve Addazio and tells me what a terrible offensive coordinator he is.  Great.  Remember the last time we expected a head coach to act as coordinator, saying "well at least he can take care of one side of the ball?"  Addazio is a great recruiter and a capable head coach.  Temple went 9-4 in his first season as head coach and it's clear that he is at least maintaining, if not building upon the progress of Al Golden.  It would be really nice to have someone who can recruit.
  7. Charlie Strong:  Strong took over what was something of a rebuild project at Louisville and promptly went 7-6 in his first two seasons.  In year three, however, the Cardinals are off to a quick 3-0 start and are currently ranked 20th in the nation.  If Strong, who was a rumored candidate for the BC coaching job last time around, can turn around a Big East team in three years he can unquestionably turn around the Eagles. 
  8. Pete Carmichael: The only reason that Carmichael isn't higher on this list is because by the season's end he should be able to swing a way better job than BC.  If he shows any interest in the BC job, Father Leahy and the new athletic director should give him whatever he wants in terms of salary and new facilities.  I understand that the Saints are off to an 0-2 start due to a terrible defense, but if you listen to the Saints players, Carmichael is the brains behind New Orleans' offense. I think the only question mark with Carmichael is whether he can recruit.
  9. Eric Mangini: The man couldn't look any more bored on SportsCenter.  He definitely wants to get back into coaching, and what could be more perfect for him than an ACC school in Bill Belichick's market?  Again, I think that whether he can recruit is a big question mark here.
  10. Ron English:  Sometimes I think picking a head coach is a lot like buying a stock; you want to see consistently improving performance as the years go on.  Ron English might be the darkest of dark horse candidates to replace Spaz, but in his three seasons at Eastern Michigan, English has gone 0-12, 2-10, and 6-6.  The year English took over the program, it was ranked second worst in the nation by ESPN.  Even though his team is off to an 0-3 start, if he puts up seven or eight wins this year, he should be a serious candidate.
On the Cusp: Gus Malzah, Josh McDaniels, Todd Berry 


  1. Take a look at Chris Hatcher @ Murray State

  2. I'd also look at Sonny Dykes of Louisiana Tech

  3. I would hire either ND Def. Coach Bob Diaco or MSU def. Coach Pat Narduzzi

  4. I would not have Mangini or Sherman on the list. How about Skip Holtz of USF. He had great success starting program at UCONN....has also been successful at E Carolina. I know BC fans hate his DAD....but the guy can coach. Also like Butch Jones....


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