Monday, October 8, 2012

How long oh Lord? Will you be angry forever?

I'm way, way behind the curve right now because I am visiting Texas A&M and catching up on school work.  Obviously Saturday's loss to Army was a new low for this program, which its saying a lot considering last year's loss to Duke.  This team has gone from a promising 14-0 lead against Miami to this.  Here are a few scattered thoughts for the start of the week that I don't think other blogs have hit on.

  1. I would be surprised if BC made a move this week, although I am fine with whatever the university decides to do here.  My assumption is that the interim athletic director would need Father Leahy to sign off on any major changes, including this one.  A change at the top would probably galvanize the team in the short-term, but could potentially make things more confusing long-term.  For example, say we make a move this week with seven games left on the schedule.  If the interim coach goes 4-3 or 5-2 the rest of the way, how many people are going to be calling for us to stick with the interim coach?  There simply isn't anyone on the current staff that I am comfortable with long-term as head coach and so even in a best-case scenario a move could potentially make things more difficult for the next athletic director.  Letting the new athletic director fire Spaz could instantly endear him to BC fans and buy him credibility with donors.  Like I said, I'm fine with whatever the university decides to do because as much as Spaz is not the right man for the job right now, there is a bigger picture in consideration. 
  2. The players have no right to be upset at BC sports blogs.  There are universities out there with fans who will turn real nasty on players who don't perform.  This isn't one of them.  The BC blogs have been incredibly respectful of the players in the program, and have directed a large percentage of their outrage where it belongs, at the head coach.  There isn't one player on this team who has been held up as an example of why the team is failing.  
  3. On that same note, players should not confuse criticism of the coach as criticism of them.  I understand that some players feel that they "did not execute" and that the fault is with them and not Spaz.  I agree that they didn't execute, but when a large percentage of the team consistently can't execute, we have to look at the larger picture.  There's clearly something lacking with the preparation of this team, either physically or mentally, if everyone understands the game-plan, as the players themselves claim, and yet they can't execute to achieve success week in and week out.  It's not disrespectful of the players to say that Spaz isn't doing his job when our record is 1-4.  What would be disrespectful to the players would be to say that Spaz is doing his job because these players are so bad that no competent coach could get any better out of them.  Again, there are universities out there like that, but this isn't one of them.
  4. This has gotten so bad right now that I really worry about the university's ability to attract a top-tier coaching candidate.  There are several out there this year, but this has to be the most important hire for BC athletics since Tom O'Brien.  Another four or five years like this and our football program could actually become similar to Wake Forrest, largely irrelevant with sporadic seasons of semi-contention.  That's a scary, scary thought.  Last time we had a head coaching vacancy, Charlie Strong and Al Golden were in serious contention.  There's no question that these two are untouchable to BC right now.  Strong seems likely to end up at Arkansas and Golden simply isn't moving from Miami.  I'll get into the new head coach power rankings later but Butch Jones is far and away my favorite candidate right now.


  1. Checkout Georgia Tech's response today to coaches' that do not produce. They look good compared to BC !!

  2. Sonny Dykes if you want an offensive minded HC. Mark Stoops if you are looking for a coach to rebuild the D and let Martin focus on the O.


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