Monday, October 29, 2012

Maryland Recap

I was really happy that the guys were able to get at least one ACC home win this year.  They haven't given up on the season and seem to have worked hard through very difficult circumstances.  I really wish that the students had stayed until the end of the game to root on the team.  Leaving while the team is down just one score with several minutes left in the fourth quarter is just unacceptable.

To begin with a few positives, I was impressed with our special teams and two minute drill.  It's been a long time since this team has had a two minute offense that could even remotely be described as functional, and I felt that Rettig was in control the entire time.  He looked poised and ready to lead this team to victory at every step.  The special teams gave the offense a much needed boost, and we would not have won this game without some impressive kick returns.  Even the run defense was impressive.  The defensive line did a great job of shedding blocks and getting to the ball.

I honestly don't believe that this team will be able to capture the momentum from the Maryland win and cash it into two or three additional wins down the stretch for several reasons.  First, neither team played well Saturday.  Maryland's starting quarterback was not only 4th-string, but he wouldn't even be 4th-string at BC.  He telegraphed almost every pass he threw, which led to interceptions where our defenders were able to simply jump routes without any fear of losing coverage.  That simply won't happen again this year.

Second, the offense was below-average for most of the game Saturday.  We had drives which started on the Maryland 39, Maryland 19, and Maryland 49 and scored only 10 points as a result.  We need to put more points on the board and capitalize on excellent field position if this team is going to have any success moving forward.

Third, I honestly don't know what Spaz was doing during the game.  It felt like the movie Office Space, where the consultants have called the office manager in for a meeting and simply ask him "What would you say you do here?"  For most of the game, Spaz seemed most concerned with staying literally as far away from the action on the field as possible.  Nick, Ralph, and I were sitting together during the game and amused ourselves with a game of "where's Spaz?" every three or four minutes.  It was something you would have to see to believe.  If BC was on its own 20, Spaz would be on the Maryland 10, watching the action with his arms crossed and without a headset.  If I didn't know any better I would say he was disengaged and sulking.  He looked like Eeyore from Winnie the Poo.  The most we saw from Spaz today was him winking at parents he knew on his way in and out of the tunnel.

How can you coach a game without a headset on a majority of the time and 50 yards away from the action???

I would really like this team to get on a roll and beat Notre Dame.  That's honestly the only thing that can save this season at this point.  The guys seem to still be working hard and are willing to be led, but I'm just not sure who's going to provide that leadership.  I hate to ruin what should be a chipper, enthusiastic post-game write-up about what will likely be our only ACC win of the year, but the fact of the matter is that this team won despite its leadership, and not because of it.


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