Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Head Coach Power Rankings 2.0

I'll get into the Bates hiring later in the week.  Obviously he wasn't ready to make a change his first day on the job.  My guess is that he will take the rest of the season to get a handle on things and approach Spaz with a buy-out which lets him retire after the last game.  That's probably the best way to go about things for everyone involved as it will allow Spaz to save some face while saving BC some money to spend on the next head coach.  In the meantime, here are this week's power rankings...

  1. Butch Jones:  I'm such a big fan of Butch Jones right now that frankly I'd be a little disappointed if we got anyone else.  Cincinnati has started the season a perfect 4-0 and is currently ranked 21 in the country.  They haven't just been winning, they've been demolishing the opposition.  The only game that's been close this year was Virginia Tech.  The others were won by scores of 34-10, 23-7, and 52-14.  Brad Bates got a close up look at Jones' operation this past week when the Bearcats clobbered Miami (Ohio).  At this point there's no question that this team is in contention for a one-loss season.  The hardest game left on the schedule is at Louisville, which could be a match-up of two undefeated teams.  After that, Rutgers probably represents the stiffest competition.  (Last week: 2)
  2. Charlie Strong:  I watched Louisville against FIU two weeks ago because both teams have head coaches that would seem to be good fits for BC.  I came away significantly more impressed with Mario Cristobal, mainly because his team lost several key position players during the game and kept competing.  Strong is rumored to be the leading candidate for the impending opening at Arkansas which would place him beyond BC's reach.  If Arkansas decides to go in another direction, I think that Strong would be an excellent choice given his complete rebuild of Louisville.  (Last week: 7)
  3. Paul Chryst:  It's certainly been an up and down year for Paul Chryst at Pitt, which is to be expected when you're undertaking an ambitious rebuilding project.  Although you'd wonder why Chryst would swap one rebuilding project for another, I still think that Boston College's ceiling is way higher than Pitt's.  He's no longer my favorite candidate because a few others have more extensive head coaching experience, but he's up there.  (Last week: 1) 
  4. Sonny Dykes:  Reader suggestion and clear oversight last time around.  He can bring the air raid offense to Chestnut Hill without some of the more extreme behavior that might turn off administrators.  In three years at Louisiana Tech, he's 5-7, 8-5, and 5-0.  My worry with Dykes is whether he can connect with recruits in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Maybe that's just "regionalist" thinking.  In any event, I would be comfortable with him as our next head coach.  (Last week: unranked)
  5. Bob Diaco:  Another reader suggestion.  I initially penned Diaco in at 10 on this list and then realized that I have this subconscious fear about BC hiring a crack defense coordinator as head coach and tried to think about things more objectively.  I would honestly prefer someone who can take charge of the offense but Diaco seems like he has what it takes to be a good head coach.  He's young, energetic, and used to working at a university that takes academics seriously.  He won't be surprised when admissions gives him some guidelines for recruiting.  I think we also need someone who is going to instantly change the culture around the program.  We need some intensity and some heart.  This would be a very good hire for BC, even if the fan base doesn't see it right away.  (Last week: unranked)
  6. Mike Sherman:  I stand by my initial assessment of Mike Sherman being a good fit for this program.  He probably won't get a shot because Brad Bates will understandably want to make a bigger splash with his first hire and bring in someone the fan base can build a consensus around, not someone who's been fired from his last two head coaching positions.  Sherman would be a safe option and someone who could bring this team back to respectability in a short time frame.  The next TOB?  (Last week: 4)
  7. Steve Addazio:  The next three weeks will tell us a lot about Addazio.  After a 9-4 season last year, Temple currently sits at 2-2.  Losses to Maryland and Penn State are understandable for a historically bad football program new to the Big East, but winning 2 of 3 from UConn, Rutgers, and Pitt would put the season back on track.  Temple will take a step back this year because of a much-harder schedule, but Addazio is doing a good job of making the program relevant in and of itself, not because of one or two good head coaches.  (Last week: 6) 
  8. Pete Carmichael:  I feel bad for Carmichael because the Saints' collapse is going to be largely hung on him.  Just when everything seemed to be falling in place for him, things fell apart.  I see very little chance of the Carmichael-to-BC story happening now. . . huge change from earlier in the season, when I thought that Carmichael could land a way better job than BC.  (Last week: 8)
  9. Bud Foster:  Speaking of things falling apart, Virginia Tech.  After all these years of carrying the ACC banner, you would think that Tech could take a breath this year with the rise of FSU, but they didn't count on TOB's maddeningly inconsistent teams.  It's fitting that TOB is leaving in a year that typifies his coaching experience, inexplicable wins and inexcusable losses.  As far as Foster is concerned, he certainly deserves some share of the blame for what is happening in Blacksburg, but even Texas has a down year every now and then.  Essentially, I've asked myself why I would rent a coach when I could buy one and I can't come up with a good answer.  (Last week: 3)
  10. Bryan Harsin:  Hate Eric Mangini?  Fine, I give you Bryan Harsin, current offensive coordinator at UT and former OC at Boise State.  We all know that Harsin has zero chance to succeed Brown because he wasn't born in Texas (it's a Texas thing) and therefore Harsin should bolt at the first chance he gets.  As maligned as UT's offense has been, Football Outsiders ranks it as the 19th best in the nation.  (Last week: unranked)
Dropped from Rankings: Mario Cristobal, Ron English, Eric Mangini

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  1. i'd also consider Mark Stoops. the D needs attention.


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