Thursday, October 18, 2012

Steve and Nate at 8

Last night, Steve and Nate from WZBC's hit show Steve and Nate at 8 invited me on their program.  I commented on the importance of blogs to the BC fanbase and the recent tussle involving Blauds.  I come in at the 14 minute mark.  I was not aware that my Jesuit friends were going to be commenting on my performance afterward but I'm sure they can take comfort in the fact that if they study and pray hard enough they can grow up to be Dominicans one day. . .

Great job by Steve and Nate, who are clearly passionate about both BC sports and radio.  


  1. Sorry, sorry, I was kidding. I have a ton of respect for the Jesuits, especially the younger ones, who really exemplify the motto "men for others." You're definitely helping Boston College keep its tradition of sending its best and brightest to serve the highest calling.


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