Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Head Coach Profiles: Pete Carmichael Jr.

Adam Schefter is reporting that BC grad Pete Carmichael, Jr. is on BC's radar.  Carmichael is likely the only BC grad who will be seriously considered in the head coaching search and his name has been kicked around as a possible replacement for Spaz for quite some time.  The BC coaching job would likely be a welcome reprieve from the circus that the Saints have become this season.

Basic Info:  Carmichael is from the Sean Payton and Marty Schottenheimer coaching tree.  At 41 years old, he had stops with New Hampshire, Louisiana Tech, the Browns, Redskins, and Chargers before landing with the Saints.  He started as the Saints' QB coach and has worked his way up to offensive coordinator.  With Payton's year-long suspension, this is the first chance that Carmichael has had to run the offense without supervision.  Last year the Saints were ranked 2nd in offensive efficiency by Football Outsiders and currently sit at 6th in offensive efficiency this season.  By all accounts Carmichael is very highly regarded by his players and they give him more credit for the Saints' past offensive success than the national media does.

Arguments For:  Carmichael is a BC grad who will likely see Chestnut Hill as a destination and not just a career stop.  Boston College is putting a big emphasis on head coaches who fit with the larger goals of the university and Carmichael seems to be a "fit."  His players give him credit for being excellent with the X's and O's of the game, which he seems more involved with than Payton.  The offense has seen very little drop-off since Payton's suspension and Doug Marrone's departure.  Even though the start of the year was rough, the team is clearly trending in the right direction. 

Arguments Against:  Carmichael would not be a serious candidate for BC if he wasn't a graduate.  BC needs to get the best coach possible no matter where that coach graduated from.  Carmichael has never run a team, has very little college experience, and it's frankly difficult to tell how good of a coach he is using Sean Payton and Doug Marrone's system with Drew Brees.  It would be difficult not to succeed in that scenario.  He has little or no experience recruiting.  Doug Marrone, who was more involved in building the Saints' offense than Carmichael, has been a little bit of a mixed bag at Syracuse, going 4-8, 8-5, 5-7, and 7-5 in four years.

Bottom Line:  Whether or not you are in favor of Carmichael becoming BC's next head coach likely depends on how much of an emphasis you put on alumnus status.  With everything else being equal, having BC's head coach be an alumnus is a nice bonus but I certainly don't put a premium on it.  I think that the gap in qualifications between Carmichael and other possible, realistic candidates is such that his graduate status should not make a difference.  BC should and likely will give Carmichael a courtesy interview and then take a pass.

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  1. It seems like this is a real coaching search, at least. That in and of itself is refreshing.


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