Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bates Highlights

This is the first time I've seen Bates conduct a press conference, and he was incredibly impressive.  He unquestionably seems in control of the program and not at all out of his league.  I still have some doubts about the Addazio hire, but I really believe that Bates thinks this is the best fit for the university right now.

Here are the highlights.

  • Addazio was given a six year deal.
  • Addazio was on Bates' short list while he was athletic director at Miami.  Bates mentioned that he will continue to keep a short list of candidates that he constantly monitors, as does every athletic director.
  • The football team stressed that the next HC needs three qualities.  They need someone who will give them the opportunity to win.  They need someone who can have relationships with players.  They need someone who will bring enthusiasm to the program.  Addazio is the strongest candidate in those three respects. 
  • It seems likely that at least one other candidate met with Father Leahy.  When asked how many met with Father, Bates said that he didn't want to compromise any other candidates' job security. 
  • Bates believes that Addazio's enthusiasm will enable him to recruit well and inspire the fan base.  He is very excited for Addazio to meet the press tomorrow.
  • Addazio may not bring his complete staff with him from Temple.  He is already evaluating potential candidates for his staff and will get the coaches he believes will fit BC best.
  • Bates said that Addazio was the most prepared of all the candidates for the interview.  "He clearly did his homework on us." 
  • Addazio sees this as a dream job, something he had thought about while growing up in the northeast. 

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