Sunday, December 16, 2012

BC Beats UNH 61-59

BC gritted out a tough overtime win against UNH Sunday, winning 61-59 despite going 0-19 from behind the arc in regulation.  Anderson contributed 23 points and 19 rebounds and really put BC on his back down the stretch.  Even though "it's only UNH" BC fans really have to like that this team get can an ugly win even when nothing is going its way.  It speaks to a certain amount of maturity and mental toughness that we haven't seen from this team yet.

BC struggled mightily on the offensive end today.  Not only was the team unable to find shots in transition, but the half-court offense failed to produce as well.  BC had a nice flow and found a good number of open looks, but simply couldn't make the shots fall.  It's difficult to win when key contributors on the team are having their worst nights in BC uniforms.  Rahon was 2-13.  Heckmann was 2-11.  Jackson was 2-9.  Even Hanlan was only 4-11 and just 1-6 from behind the arc.

On defense, BC struggled in the first half guarding Pelcher, UNH's center.  Van Nest was clearly over-matched and after seeing 11 minutes in the first half, he did not return.  Once Donahue made the move from Van Nest, things started to pick up.  Anderson was at least able to slow Pelcher down.  Caudill gave BC eight productive minutes.  The team ended up holding UNH to just 29.2% shooting in the second half.  The second half of today's game was probably the best defense we've seen this team play in two years.  Guys were communicating, playing tough at the point of attack, and seemed to have a plan on the pick-and-roll.  If nothing else, this team is definitely improving on the defensive end.

Looking forward, BC hopes to get Clifford back for Providence.  Clifford's presence has certainly been missed in the paint, and getting him back should help BC on the defensive glass.  Heckmann continues to improve even though his stat line did not look pretty today.  You can tell that the lights are beginning to come on for him.  He understands the offense and is beginning to find the open man with more frequency.  Even though he only chipped in six points today, he had just one turnover in 38 minutes.  I think he will be our starting 3 going forward.

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