Monday, December 3, 2012

BC Down to Final Three

Eagle in Atlanta is reporting that Brad Bates has winnowed the head coaching candidates down to three, although no one seems to know for sure which three candidates are still in the mix.  Multiple sources are reporting that Notre Dame wonder-boy Bob Diaco is interviewing either today or tomorrow.  I think it's pretty safe to say that he's still in the mix. 

I strongly suspect that Buccaneers offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan is still in the mix.  I didn't do a profile on Sullivan, but I really think he would be a great personality fit for BC.  That being said, I'm not sure that he's a good football fit for the program right now.  He's never run a program and does not seem to have the coaching experience the university would look for here.  BC has had success with turning the keys of the program over to military guys before so there will be alumns who will be rooting hard for Sullivan.

Sullivan's candidacy is probably a reflection of Bates' advice-gathering from the professional level.  If Coughlin thinks that Sullivan is a great fit for BC (which seems to be the case) then Bates should definitely give him a long look.  It's a tad ridiculous to make a point of gathering advice from difference sources and then ignore that advice if it leads you to a place you hadn't considered before.  BC fans wanted Bates to run a broad search and he is doing just that.  At the end of the day I just don't think that Sullivan gets the job because he won't energize the fan-base like Diaco can.  I do think that Sullivan can turn BC back into an 8 or 9 win program though.

I really have no idea who the third candidate is right now, but I would speculate that it is someone who's a bit of a dark horse candidate at this point.  If Golden, Mullen, or O'Brien had shown any interest in BC I think we would be negotiating a contract right now.  The lack of chatter on that front leads me to believe that none of those three are interested.  I think we can cross Butch Jones off the list as well.  Talks between him and Purdue seem to be heating up, and BC would need to get in the mix fast if it really wanted to make a serious bid for him.  I'm not sure who that leaves.  Pat Narduzzi?  Pete Lembo?  Either way I think the third guy is a little behind Diaco and Sullivan in terms of BC's preferences right now.

I think that most BC fans would be perfectly happy with Diaco, but would anyone be excited about Sullivan?

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