Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where does BC stand in the ACC?

BC basketball has been shaky at best this season, and it would be natural to assume that this team will struggle in ACC play.  Given that the ACC as a whole has struggled so far this year, I am cautiously optimistic that BC will win more than the four ACC games it managed last year.  Here's a break-down of the RPI rankings as of Christmas:

Duke (1)
N.C. State (5)
Miami (19)
Maryland (45)
UNC (52)
Georgia Tech (99)
Boston College (125)
FSU (129)
Virginia Tech (140)
Virginia (156)
Clemson (193)
Wake Forrest (201)

If the early RPI rankings are any indicator of future success in conference play, which they might not be, BC should be a middle-of-the-pack team this year.  Even if BC was only able to split games with the programs ranked below it, that would give us five ACC wins.  I also think we'll be able to find a way to squeak out two wins from programs ranked ahead of us, which would give us seven conference wins in total.  If Donahue is able to take care of business against Holy Cross and Dartmouth, that would give BC eight out of conference wins, putting the yearly total at 15, assuming of course that BC fails to win a game in the conference tournament.

15 is obviously a very theoretical number right now considering that conference games haven't even started, but it would certainly be a marked improvement over last year's nine wins.  15-17 isn't the type of season BC fans are used to on the hardwood, but it would certainly put the program in prime position for post-season play of some sort next year.

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