Monday, January 30, 2012

Jerry York Interview

At long last, I'm happy to give our readers part one of a two part interview with Coach Jerry York.  I really hate to split these interviews into smaller parts, but if I try to put the full 15 minutes into a single blog post, the result is simply just too unwieldy and way too long for the blog format. 

I really appreciate Coach York taking some time out of his day to meet with me, especially considering the fact that it's nearly playoff time.  I've always admired the class with which Jerry York coaches his team.  He's always calm, respectful to everyone he meets, and represents the university incredibly well at the highest level.  Jerry York is really the embodiment of what Boston College is trying to accomplish.  As always, special thanks to Mr. Tim Clark for helping me set this up.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heckmann Out Until March

Patrick Heckmann has been diagnosed with mono and will be likely out until at least the beginning of March.  The freshman from Germany had started the year strong but saw his playing time cut during ACC play.  He is a significant loss to the team, as he was probably the best player coming in off the bench.  Hopefully his recent downturn in production can be chalked up to him coming down with mono.  Let's hope he gets better soon!

BC Falls to Miami: 76-54

This is one of the most frustrating BC games I've ever been to, which is saying a lot.  There was simply no reason for this team to lose like they did today.  We played excellent basketball for about 33 minutes today, and then got blown out of our own gym during the final seven.  And it wasn't just that we were blown out; it was how we were blown out.  Sloppy passing.  Not getting back quickly enough on defense.  Technical fouls.  Lack of energy once we got behind 10.  Just unacceptable from a team that is supposed to be bringing a new attitude to the heights. 

Countdown to Miami: Keys to the Game

We're getting ready to host Miami at Conte this afternoon, and the Baby Eagles are looking for their elusive third ACC win.  Miami just finished their shoot-around, and there's no question that they're way more developed physically than BC.  With that in mind, here are some of the keys to the game...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekly Round Table: Where Does Coughlin Rank?

With Tom Coughlin returning for his second Super Bowl, we began to think about what the former BC-coach meant to the program while he was here.  So, for this week's round table, we ask our panel "Where does Tom Coughlin rank in BC coaching history?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Word Games

Bleacher Report publishes the first word that comes to mind for every division one football coach.  Care to guess Spaz's?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weekly Stock Report

Until I can find an hour or so to put into the Jerry York tape, this will have to serve as a distraction from the weekly grind.  This week, I'll take a look at how some of the basketball players have adjusted to ACC play, a possible change in the academic status of one of BC's recruits, and the hockey program's struggles keeping pucks out of the net. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jerry York Interview Coming

I sat down with Jerry York for 15 minutes this morning and discussed everything from recruiting to the current goalie situation.  I have a brief due tomorrow so I won't get to typing the transcript until tomorrow sometime. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Navy to Join Big East Football


Bryce Jones Commits

Cleveland Heights football player Bryce Jones has committed to BC, hoping to become the 15th member of this year's recruiting class.  At 5'-11" and 160, Jones was technically recruited as an athlete, but all indications are that he will play strong-side CB on defense.  Air Force, Army, UMass, and Northern Illinois were all reportedly interested in Jones.  Several Big East schools showed medium interest but none of them extended offers. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Under 100 Days to the NFL Draft

With less than 100 days until the NFL Draft, the league's official website has begun posting early mock drafts for the first round.  Let's take a look at how Luke Kuechly did in the first mock drafts and see if there's a good early consensus on where he's headed.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

BC Falls to Wake: 71-56

I was very disappointed that we didn't play better down the stretch today, because I really thought that we could have walked away with a win here if we were more consistent with some of the things that this team does very well.  There's no doubt in my mind that BC will be better than Wake this time next year.  You just can't expect to win in the ACC when you shoot 28.6% in the first half.  If we're going to have a lot of turnovers and lose some ground on defense because we're an immature team, we need to be able to make up with it with solid shooting.  Good shooting didn't happen today and so this is the result.  Hopefully we correct some things during practice this week and put together a solid effort against Virginia on the road Thursday.

What to Look For: Wake Forrest

Today is an interesting match-up between two rebuilding programs.  Wake Forrest began their rebuilding project last year, and stumbled badly in ACC play.  BC is undoubtedly ahead of where Wake was at this time last year, but BC could definitely make a statement by showing that the Eagle freshmen are already better than the WF sophomores. 

I think that BC will lose a close game at home today.  Simply put, WF is bigger, stronger, and faster than we are right now.  It will be interesting to see how Donahue tries to match up with the WF bigs.  I would be tempted to try playing Caudill and Clifford simultaneously, but that might really limit what we can do in transition. 

It's a snowy day in Boston!  Can't wait for some basketball!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Round Table: ACC Win Total

After last night's game, the men's basketball team sits 2-2 in the ACC, which is probably better than anyone could have hoped for given the team's out of conference play earlier in the year.  Building on this theme, we're going to ask our panel for their predictions on how many ACC wins the men's basketball team will get this year.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lively Letter, BC, Miss Marks

I've taken a little bit of time to try and sort out the Lively mess that is developing on the heights.  My opinion right now is that I think both Lively and the university handled this situation poorly.  Lively's frustration with the direction of the athletic department seems to be long-standing, and his letter smacks of a desperate move to right what he thinks is a sinking ship in Chestnut Hill.  Given the nature of the letter though, there's no question that the university over-reacted with its response, which essentially called into question Lively's mental state.

GDF Interview: Part II

In Part I, GDF talked about the overall state of the athletic department and discussed Jerry York and the hockey program.  In Part II, we discuss Steve Donahue's rebuilding project and the state of the football program.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

GDF Interview: Part I

This is part one of a two part interview with BC Athletic Director Gene Defilippo.  In part one, we talk about the general direction of the athletic department and about the hockey program.  In Part II, we'll get into the basketball and football programs.  As always, special thanks to the athletic department for setting this up.

GDF Interview Coming Tonight

I sat down with GDF earlier today, and will try to have the transcript of the interview up tonight.  I will probably split it into two parts...In the interview, GDF addresses the state of the athletic department, the basketball team's surprising ACC wins, and the football program.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Round Table Discussion: Luke Kuechly Mock Draft

Today's question for our panel: Which NFL team do you think will select Luke Kuechly during the April draft?

BC Gets First ACC Win!!!

BC earned a surprising ACC win last night by beating Clemson by two at home.  The 59-57 win came as a bit of a surprise, especially considering the team's struggles in the last two games.  Dennis Clifford and Lonnie Jackson led the team with 15 and 14 points respectively, with Jordan Daniels and Matt Humphrey following with 9 apiece.  Anderson chipped in 6 points.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holloway to Enter NFL Draft

Despite receiving a red shirt, Max Holloway will not be returning to Boston College next fall.  Instead, the senior defensive lineman will enter the NFL draft.  I think Max would have helped his draft status by remaining another year in Chestnut Hill, and his loss weakens an already under-staffed D-line.  I think that Holloway will be a late round flier at best.  More to come later...

End of the Year Grades: Coach Spaz

And now, the moment everyone has been waiting for...Coach Spaz's grade.  It's difficult to believe, with hindsight, how much optimism has surrounded BC football in each of the past two off-seasons.  Prior to the 2010 season, some pundits gave BC an outside chance of having a one loss season.  Prior to last season, I excitedly talked to those in the BC athletic department about how BC could be a dark horse Orange Bowl candidate.  Even Spaz shed his usual pessimistic personality to offer some encouraging words about how far the team was coming.  One of the most frustrating things that has happened over the past two years is the revisionist history that has happened, in effect turning these disastrous seasons into controlled, developmental learning experiences.

Monday, January 9, 2012

End of the Year Grades: Steve Donahue

We continue our end of the year grades today with Coach Donahue.  Last year, Coach Donahue was essentially working with Al Skinner's players, trying to patch a team around Reggie Jackson before he entered the NBA draft.  This year, Donahue has his own players, but most of them are inexperienced freshmen taking their lumps during their first season of college play.  Still, the program has undoubtedly seen many positives in the first few months of the season, including accelerated player development and increased student excitement in the basketball program.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Where Does Kuechly Rank?

Yesterday we received the inevitable news that Luke Kuechly is entering the NFL draft.  Kuechly had a stellar BC career, and his leadership in the MLB position will be sorely missed, perhaps more so than his insane level of play.  Kuechly's departure from the heights likely won't hurt the defense quite as much as most people would expect.  Losing a sure-fire first rounder always hurts, but an improved defensive line will hopefully mean less tackle opportunities for the MLB next year.  The defense will also be a year older almost across the board by next fall, meaning that it should be playing better ball as a team.  Additionally, incoming recruit Stephen Daniels seems like a logical choice to step in for Wonderboy, possibly starting from day one.  Daniels was a four star recruit last year who ended up spending some time off shoring up his academics in preparation for BC.  The possibility of coming in and playing right away might even strengthen Daniels' commitment to BC.