Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BC Wins 56-52

BC won its fourth ACC game of the season tonight against a less-than-stellar Georgia Tech squad.  Tech was without its best player, Rice, but BC did an excellent job of controlling the ball, making big shots, and playing solid defense throughout.  This win will be a huge confidence builder going into the final game of the season.  I feel almost gluttonous in hoping for yet another ACC win, but if the guys can keep their confidence up, they can certainly be competitive against a mediocre Miami team.

That being said, BC did not play as well as one might think given the fact that we beat an ACC team tonight.  I don't say this to be a jerk, but only to temper some of the enthusiasm that a lot of BC fans are feeling right now.  Ga. Tech played absolutely awful.  If I was a Tech fan, I would be furious about that team's effort tonight and would be really questioning Brian Gregory's ability to lead this team moving forward.  Tech showed absolutely no interest in playing tonight until the last five minutes.  And when they did, BC went absolutely cold.  BC seemed content to coast on its 10 point cushion throughout the second half, and never really looked to put the game away.  This was a team we could have beaten by 20 tonight.  Again, I'm not saying this to be a jerk, only to keep some perspective on the win.

Anderson was in double figures yet again tonight

What Does BC Have Left?

BC has struggled mightily of late, but Donahue and the Baby Eagles will look to eek out one more ACC win this season against Georgia Tech.  Tech is at least one man down, with Glen Rice, Jr. being suspended for the game.  Rice is Tech's leading scorer, averaging 13.0 a game, and Tech's second-leading rebounder, with 6.7 boards per game.  He's also second on the team in assists, with 48 on the year.  Obviously this is a big loss for Tech, and will open the door for the Eagles to take advantage of a weakened team. 

The question for the Baby Eagles is: How much do they have left in the tank?  Heckmann is back, hopefully with fresh legs, so I would love to see BC run the ball and really pick up the pace of the game as much as possible.  The stadium will be relatively quiet on senior night on account of the fact that we're finally seeing some significant snow in Boston.

I have nothing to back up my optimism, but I think this team will put WF behind it and get a big win tonight.

Prediction: BC 69-55

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Recap

Here are my thoughts on the weekend happenings at BC, in no particular order:

Anderson dunking on Duke like it's no big deal.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Round Table: Which Freshman will be Best?

It's Friday, which mean's that it's time for our weekly Round Table.  This week, we take note of Anderson's 20 points against the Duke Blue Devlis, and ask:

Which of the Baby Eagles will have the best career at Boston College?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jerry York (Full Text)

Here's the full text of the York interview in one easy place.  Please keep in mind that the comments about the goalie situation were made in January.  If you are looking for only Part II of the interview, please see the immediately preceding post.

Jerry York Interview: Part II

I started transcribing the Jerry York interview a few weeks ago, but never finished because real life has been getting in the way ever since then.  I really enjoyed doing this interview because Jerry York is probably the world's classiest guy and someone who BC students can really look up to.  Special thanks to Jerry York and BC Athletics for being incredibly kind in allowing me to interview Coach York in the first place, and secondly for being so patient with me during the long delay.

Again, I really apologize for taking so long to put this up.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HD Turns Up Heat on Spaz

HD asking tough questions of Spaz and writing in her weekday chat that he is on the hot seat has gotten the attention of the BC blogging community.  BC fans have been waiting for a local or national writer to ask tough questions about the Kevin Rogers Affair and the state of the football team for some time now, and I have to say that I'm shocked that HD was finally the one to step up to the plate.  I usually find her coverage of BC to be exceptionally soft, basically begrudgingly covering "the northern school" before moving onto the more sexy schools like FSU and Clemson.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Where Do We Go From Here?

Last night's blow-out loss to Duke was certainly disappointing, but perhaps more concerning is the fact that the men's basketball team has dropped three straight after its remarkable win at home to FSU.  We've seen everything from jaw-dropping wins to inexplicable losses from this group this year, and at this point I'm not sure that many Super Fans know what to expect from this team on any given night.  Despite all of the recent losses, I still think that we're ahead of schedule as a program right now, although I'm not sure that this team is going to take the "next step" in its progression before the end of the year.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

BC Blown Out 75-50

This recap is very hard to write.  I was hoping that BC would be competitive tonight, but watching this game, it was just not even close in terms of size, quickness, and strength.  This might as well have been a match-up featuring an NBA team and a high school team.  The difference in talent was almost that much.  I was frankly impressed that BC was able to hang in there for most of a half. 

There were few positives to take away from tonight's game, but one of them is certainly that this team now has some experience against Duke.  Duke will always be a big ACC game because it's, well, Duke.  These guys signed up to compete against the best teams in the country, and they certainly got what they signed up for tonight.  When playing a national-title contender, the pressure will always be a little higher and the competition will always be tougher.  The Baby Eagles got their first taste of that tonight and hopefully they're able to learn from it.

The bottom line for tonight's game is that Duke has guys that are NBA-ready and BC is just trying to figure out ACC play.  You can't expect much when your two teams are that far apart talent-wise. Everyone knew that BC wasn't ready to seriously contend with teams holding national-title aspirations, so I would encourage fans to not take too much away from tonight's drubbing.

BC Freshman Ryan Anderson

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BC Fans All Too Familiar with Linsanity

Your average sports fan probably hadn't heard of Jeremy Lin until he began his remarkable rise to prominence against the New Jersey Nets on February 4—indeed, his previous obscurity is what makes this story so fun.

Longtime BC fans, however, may not be as surprised as the rest of the country that the undrafted Harvard grad is performing so well, since the Eagles got a nice preview of Linsanity way back in 2009. Coming off an upset of then-#1-ranked UNC in Chapel Hill, BC had no answer for the future star Knicks point guard, who posted 27 points, 3 rebounds, and 8 assists in an 82-70 beatdown of the Eagles. And yes, that score was as bad as it looks—trust me, I was at the game and utterly baffled.

But BC fans weren't the only ones who came away baffled at how some unheard-of Harvard point guard could put such a beating on what was at that point a very strong ACC team. In fact, as Lin's former teammate Drew Housman explains to, Lin's own teammates couldn't quite believe how impressive their point guard was either:
Everything came to a head after the Boston College game.

That game marked Jeremy’s first foray onto the national stage. He single-handedly dismantled Boston College, a team that had recently defeated the number one team in the country. He was sensational. This was the first case of Linsanity gripping a group of people. We jubilantly chanted his name on the shuttle ride back to campus.

There were a few clips on SportsCenter about the game. At the time, being on TV at all was the zenith of recognition for a Harvard basketball player. The team watched the clips over and over, awed that we were actually on ESPN. That one game catapulted Jeremy, however briefly, into the national consciousness. It injected the whole program with a sense of optimism. 
What does this all mean for BC? Basically nothing. But when Jeremy Lin started scoring 20 points a game and taking over Twitter, those who attended or watched that BC-Harvard game probably flashed back to the first time "Linsanity" ruled the day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

BC Hires Smith, Washington

Boston College replaced two more coaches today, hiring Aaron Smith, the wide receiver's coach at Columbia, for the same position here, and Al Washington, the LB coach at Elon University, to help coach the struggling defensive line. 

I wasn't too surprised with the Washington hire.  He seems to have been a well-regarded player at BC; someone who always worked hard enough that he was able to truly maximize his potential.  BC is a very particular place to coach, and not everyone is cut out for coaching in an academic environment with a somewhat fickle fan base, but Washington will have the added advantage of really understanding BC before he even steps foot in his office.  Plus, I think it's always great when we can hire our own alumni.  Again, we're taking a young, hungry coach and putting him with a unit which has been under achieving.  I see very little downside to that.

BC Hires Desai

Boston College football has hired Sean Desai as its new special teams coach, replacing Dave Brock, who left to become Rutger's offensive coordinator.  Desai doesn't have much of a track record to go on, but he was the special teams coordinator at Temple under Golden.  Desai earned some credit for coaching kicker Brandon McManus (who was all conference in 2010) and Temple was notably second in the country in 2010 for kickoff return yards allowed.  Golden brought Desai with him to Miami when he left, but kept hold-over Michael Barrow as special teams coordinator, relegating Desai to football operations staff.  I wouldn't read too much into the apparent demotion, because Barrow is pretty highly regarded for his work and high-energy style.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Major BC Football Shakeup

With two more departures from the BC football staff today, BC has lost three offensive coaches this week.  Former offensive coordinator Dave Brock and current running backs coach Ben Sirmans are on their way to Rutgers while Ryan Day appears to be headed for the vacant offensive coordinator position at Temple.  Some coaching losses were expected with the hiring of Doug Martin, but these departures are significantly delayed, and will raise questions about the stability of the program as a whole.  Were there personality clashes with the new OC?  Did Martin simply want to bring in people he was more comfortable with?  Did Spaz suddenly decide to clean house?  Why were these coaches seemingly intent on leaving, even if it was to a lateral position at a lesser program?

Let's break down what BC lost here:

Friday Round Table: Beating FSU

BC's win over 17th ranked FSU was certainly surprising.  In fact, it was the first ranked opponent BC basketball had beaten in the past three years, and the first win over a ranked team in the Donahue era.  All of our bloggers graduated in 2010, and so we wondered where the win sits on the short list of big-time BC victories since we showed up as freshmen at BC.

Where does BC's win over FSU stand in the program's list of 'signature victories' over the past six years?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BC 64 FSU 60

Wow.  What a game tonight.  It was overall a very bizarre night, starting with the sax quartet that did the national anthem and going through an unlikely BC barrage of threes to end the first half.  BC overcame a terrible Clifford performance, a strange technical by Humphrey, and several highly questionable calls by the refs to put together what will likely be the signature win for this program this year.

If I told you in December that BC would beat a ranked team this year you would have laughed.


BC got their third ACC win of the year tonight, knocking off 17th ranked FSU 64-60!!!! Congrats to the guys.  Donahue coached his best game all year, and the guys overcame a poor performance by the usually ultra-consistent Dennis Clifford.  Best performance in years by a BC team.  Jordan Daniels and Lonnie Jackson are future stars.  No doubt about that.  These guys really came of age tonight.  There's no telling what this team's potential will be in just one year.  More to come later.

GO BC!!!

Keys to the FSU Game

BCI predicted "pain" for tonight's game, and they're probably spot on.  There's a few things the Baby Eagles can do to limit the damage and come away with a respectable showing, however.  But first, here's a snapshot of an endangered species: the BC undergraduate fan.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Round Table: Grade for this year's class

With national signing day having come and gone, much of the school's focus seems to be on the incoming class of football recruits.  BC signed a class that ranked next to last in the ACC according to most scouting services.  The focus of the class seems to have been on signing quality players to the LB and OL positions, although BC notably did not sign a QB or RB.  While some have been critical of the number and quality of the recruits, Spaz generally seems happy with how things worked out.  So, today we ask our panel:

What grade do you give Frank Spaz and co. for this year's recruiting class?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mail Call!!!!

Time for another mailbag.  I've really missed doing these so send your e-mails, comments, suggestions, and complaints to 

I've been thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to have a theme for these things, so I would suggest maybe ideas on how to bring students back to the basketball games.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BC Drops Close One: 56-51

Obviously I would have really liked to have won this game, but you have to love the fact that BC was able to stay in it until the end tonight.  One big BC shot down the stretch and this game could have been much different.  We played a good, but not great, game tonight and NC State played just a terrible brand of basketball.  I wish we had more energy and more ball movement down the stretch.  The bottom line is that this team isn't going to win many more games until it addresses its turnovers and starts making more foul shots. 

Keys to the NC State Game

BC faces NC State tonight at Conte Forum.  The Baby Eagles have had a rough go of it lately, dropping four straight ACC games.  It will be difficult for the Eagles to turn things around tonight against a much more seasoned NC State team.  Last time out, the Eagles lost 76-62.  I have a feeling that tonight's game will be much closer.

Steve and Nate at 8 Radio Show

Last night, I sat down with WZBC show "Steve and Nate at 8" in order to hit the BC airwaves ahead of national signing day.  We talked about everything from GDF to Spaz's recruiting.  I give a surprising prediction for tonight's NC State game, and predicted (correctly) where Jaxon Hood will end up.  For two undergads stuck in the bowels of Mac, these guys do a great job (although I would appreciate not having to share a mic with Nate one of these days).

Definitely check out the podcast, although you have to listen in for a few minutes until we get around to talking about BC sports...