Monday, February 4, 2013

BC Holds on Against Clemson

BC got a huge home win against Clemson Saturday.  BC desperately needed to get back in the ACC win column to give itself a chance to match or beat last year's four ACC wins.  With games against Wake, Clemson, and Georgia Tech left on the schedule I do think this team stands a decent chance at matching its win total from last year.

I don't want to extrapolate too much from a single win but there were a few key points from Saturday that are worth mentioning.  First. Eddie Odio continues to get better and better under Donahue's watch.  He brings excellent effort defensively and is starting to make more plays that make you go "wow."  He'll never be the fastest guy on the court and frankly doesn't look very athletic but he's very strong and can jump way higher than you would expect.  The sheer number of blocks and put-back dunks he has suggests that he's way more athletic than people give him credit for.  He's definitely not an ACC starter, but he's certainly a capable, if not better-than-average, player off the bench.  I'm comfortable with him spelling Anderson and Clifford over the next two-plus years.  I don't think it's a coincidence that Clemson was able to make its run while Odio was in foul trouble.

A lot has been made about how many "ACC players" Donahue has.  The perception seems to be that most of these guys simply aren't up to the ACC level athletically.  I really don't see a lot of evidence for this.  We haven't seen a healthy Clifford all year so at worst I think he's a question mark at this point.  I do believe he showed enough last year to make us believe that he can compete at the ACC level.  Anderson and Hanlan are ACC players, even if Hanlan has a bad game every now and then.  He's a freshman guard and is simply going to take his lumps in ACC play. 

Rahon just put 26 points on Clemson, and yet some in the press are still saying that he isn't an ACC player.  I know he's hit a bit of a dry spell recently but Joe Rahon is averaging 10.8 points per game right now.  Matt Humphrey averaged 10.3 per game last year.  Was Matt Humphrey not an ACC player? Of course he was.  The media simply takes one look at Rahon and decides that he's too short, too slow, and not strong enough for ACC play, regardless of whether Rahon is putting up ACC numbers.  Rahon and Hanlan are my favorite players on the team right now and I think Donahue has found some solid players in picking these guys up.

BC goes up against Miami tomorrow.  We only lost by 1 last time we played the Hurricanes, but Miami must be jazzed to be ranked 8 in the country right now.

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